Best Toilet Wiping Aids for Seniors

Updated on March 4, 2023

Having trouble in the toilet cleaning your bottom? Well, this is not only embarrassing but also unhygienic. 

You may find it difficult to reach your bum and wipe it clean for many reasons. However, this should not be a justification for you to give up on the joy of enjoying every trip to the toilet. 

As has always been said, nothing is new under the sun, and there is always a solution for everything. For seniors having trouble reaching their bums, we recommend some of the best toilet wiping aids out there. 

With these, you don’t have to dread every moment nature comes calling and a trip to the washroom becomes inevitable. Read below to find out more about butt wiping tools.

How was This List Made?

We did a lot of reading on blogs dedicated to helping seniors have the best of their sunset days. We spent several hours on forums reading the challenges that most seniors faced when using the bathrooms. 

This was to help us understand the specific needs they may have so that we could recommend the most appropriate products. 

Also, our research featured reading reviews by past buyers of some of the wiping aids. Through such reviews, we were able to tell the kind of experiences real people using the products had. 

They were vital in helping us refine the list further so that we have the best and the most relevant products.

5 best Toilet Wiping Aids for Seniors

Read below for detailed descriptions of the best toilet aids to reach perineal areas, which are most suited for seniors.

#1. Sammons Preston Toilet Aid

Sammons Preston Toilet Aid is a lightweight paper tong suitably designed for seniors, patients, people living with disabilities, and other people having trouble with wiping their bottoms. 

Its intuitive design makes it easy to use by anyone having any form of inability. 

It will also be helpful to those with back pains that might hamper their full range of motion and make it difficult or impossible for them to wipe their bums. 

Since it is made of durable stainless steel and vinyl-coated handles, its durability is not in any doubt. Also, you can expect to use it for quite a long time.


Several users on the various platforms we checked during our research reported having a very good experience with these toilet aids. 

They agreed that they were not only lightweight and easy to use, but also sturdy, clean, and durable. 

A majority were also of the opinion that this particular set allowed for more decent cleaning when compared to those by other brands or models.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean and sturdy
  • Comes with an ergonomic handle
  • Long enough to accommodate the needs of anyone
  • Made of stainless steel with reinforced joints for durability


  • May not give better results with weak toilet paper
  • Lacks a candy for covering the tip of the tongs.


The Sammons Preston Toilet Aid is superb with all the features you may need to have a clean bum after using the toilet. 

Its lightweight nature, ergonomic design, length, and ease of cleaning puts it up way beyond most of the cleaning aids you will find on the market. 

Though slightly expensive, it is worth every penny you spend.

#2. Sammons Preston – 57157 Toilet Aid

The Sammons Preston – 57157 is an easy-to-use tissue grabber and wiper designed to help seniors, patients, and individuals with a limited range of movement wipe their butts clean. 

The aid is about 15” long, lightweight, and made of stainless steel for durability. The handles are coated with vinyl to give them a nice ergonomic feel, which further adds to their ease of use. 

Also, with the reinforced joints, they are sturdy enough to allow you to make very clean wipes all the time.


Most users who have tried out this toilet aid to reach perineal area agree that it is one of the best solutions for toileting issues usually faced by seniors. 

One buyer from Amazon described it as an excellent product that makes cleaning the butt easy because it is very sturdy and will not bend to create a mess after using the toilet. 

Generally, most users are very pleased with the experience of using the Sammons Preston – 57157 toilet aid.


  • It is lightweight and easy to use
  • Features reinforced joints for extra durability and stability during use
  • Features a 15” long design that makes it easy for single-handed wiping of the butt.


  • It is not curved as illustrated in the photo


This is another model of bottom wiper aids by Sammons Preston that makes it to this list of the best toilet wiping aids for seniors. 

Just like the first one, it is conveniently designed to help clean your bum without any struggles. Though it is not as curved as illustrated in the photo, it will still get the job done, and you will love the results.

#3. Fanwer Toilet Aids Tool

Fanwer Toilet Aids Tool is another great wiping aid ideal for seniors as well as individuals who find it difficult to bend, turn, and reach their bums after using the toilet. 

It features a durable construction of solid plastic and rubber that makes it stronger in the long term. It is also ergonomically designed with a slightly bent shape and an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to hold. 

Using the aid is also a breeze since all you have to do is insert pre-moisturized wipes or tissue papers into the soft shaft then go about your business.


Most of the buyers reported being very pleased with using this toilet wiping aids. 

One particular user Reddit admitted that he can’t live without it and traveled with it because it is small, easy to use, and did the job so well. 

The same sentiments were echoed by other users across most of the forums and platforms that we researched.


  • Comes a nice ergonomic design
  • Features a durable construction
  • Designed to promote self-sufficiency
  • Easy to use
  • Relatively affordable


  • Not suitable for overweight people or those with very big butts
  • Some users complained about it being slightly shorter. Could not reach where it was supposed to reach.


The design and the ease of use of this toilet wiping aid make it an incredibly popular option for seniors having trouble in the toilets. 

Besides the functional design, it has a unique aesthetic appeal that will make you want to use it all the time, not mentioning that it is also relatively affordable so that all that want it can get it easily.

#4. Juvo Toilet Aid – 18 inch

Juvo Toilet Aid is a patent-pending product that will completely revolutionize the toilet wiping aid scenes. 

It is 18-inches long but could be extended to up to 20-inches, making it the most suitable solution for overweight individuals or for relatively large butts. 

It is intuitively designed, with great features that will make you look forward to every moment you visit the small room. 

One of these features is the Easy Squeeze Trigger Mechanisms. This feature is designed to secure the toilet paper and provide you with an easy way to get the job done squeezing the trigger. 

Unlike most of the toilet wiping aids you will encounter, this particular one allows for both back and forth motion without creating any unnecessary mess. 

The aid also comes with caddy caps to ensure that everything is clean and sanitary during and after use.


Most buyers and users agree that this model offers superior results than those by the toilet wiping aids in the market. 

It has become a popular choice not just for seniors but also for individuals with limited range of motion as a result of conditions such as back problems and arthritis. 

For the majority of the users, of great functions of this superb wand far much outweigh the discomfiture of needing it.


  • It is a patent-pending product – a subtle indication of quality!
  • Has a handle that can be used both from the back and the front
  • Has caddy snaps for improved hygiene
  • Fitted with an Easy Squeeze Trigger mechanism for ease of use


  • Some users were not okay with its relatively bigger size
  • Others complained that it was consuming a lot of toilet paper


Juvo Toilet Aid – 18 inch is not only affordable but intuitively designed to help with most of the toilet wiping challenges. 

It is also generous enough in terms of length and will work great for obese individuals as well as those with generous butts. If you fall into any of these categories, then this will be an ideal solution for you.

#5. Bottom Buddy Toilet Tissue Wiping Aid

Bottom Buddy Toilet Tissue Wiping Aid is another great option you have for restoring your independence in the bathroom and never asking anyone for help. 

It features a unique sure-grip with a patented rounded head that has retractable petals. The tulip petals are responsible for allowing for a secure grip of the tissue paper. 

It also features a “push button” that allows for a no-touch release once you are done with the wiping. 

With the design of the head, this wiping aid is one of the most economical when it comes to tissue consumption.


The bottom buddy toilet tissue wiping aid is a real darling among the senior communities. Most users agree that it does the job that nobody usually wants to talk about perfectly. 

They also agree on the genius displayed in the design, its ease of use, hygiene, and durability. 

One user from Reddit noted that it had literally become a real buddy, and he is never leaving it behind.


  • Comes with a unique sure-grip design with a button for no-touch release
  • Features an advanced ergonomic design
  • Reputed for using less tissue
  • Has a decent size of just 11” in length


  • With its length, it may not be suitable for overweight individuals


Bottom Buddy Toilet Tissue Wiping Aid has one of the most ingenious designs you will find in the market today. Its ergonomic aspects are also admirable, and it is a choice we would recommend without any hesitation.

Buying Guide: What to Look for in the Best Toilet Wiping Aids for Seniors

Here is a brief look at some of the things you need to look for when shopping for toilet wiping aid for handicapped as well as seniors-:

The length:

The length of the wiping aid will impact its ease of use as well as the far it can reach. 

If it is very long, you might have to use it from a straight angle, and if it is too short, it may not reach where you want it to reach, besides putting a strain on your arms, shoulder, and back. 

Always strive to find the sweet length between the short and the long ones. You can always do a short test before trying.

The Grip:

You are going for the best toilet wiping aids for seniors because you don’t want further embarrassment in the bathroom. 

A poor grip may slip out of your hand when you don’t expect it and create a mess. Always go for wiping aids with ergonomic handles that will rest comfortably in your hands so that you never worry about the embarrassing slips.

The Weight:

The weight is another factor you have to consider when buying a toilet wiping aid. If you have low mobility in the arms, then you should always go for lightweight wiping aids.

The Release Mechanism:

The way the tissue is released from the aid is very important for hygiene. 

If you have limited ability in your fingers, then your best bet will be wiping aids with easy release buttons. 

Some of these do have no contact at all once you are done with your business.

The Type of Tissues:

You can always use wipes or toilet tissues with the best toilet wiping aids. Most of them will be designed to use both. 

However, it is always a good idea to check in advance the recommended material so that you are assured of the best grips.


With these wiping aids for seniors, you no longer have to be embarrassed about using the toilet without any help. 

Of all the options, our favorite pick is the Sammons Preston Toilet Aid. The simplicity in design and superiority in functionalities gives it a top spot above the rest. 

If you are looking for a more affordable option that will still get the job done, your best bet will be the Juvo Toilet Aid – 18 inches. 

However, if you are after something fancy, but one not suited for the obese or people with generous butts, then Bottom Buddy Toilet Tissue Wiping Aid will be your ideal choice.

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