Best Folding Shopping Carts for Seniors

Updated on November 23, 2020

One of the most repetitive tasks that seniors – and nearly every adult, has to do regularly is go grocery shopping. 

While you are still young, going about grocery shopping isn’t a bother and you never mind about the loads you carry in the grocery bags. 

However, as you advance in your sunset years, the loads start to become heavier and heavier. Soon, you will start feeling the strain in your back, neck, and shoulder. 

To avoid compounding this to the usual problems that normally come with advanced age, every senior needs to invest in a decent folding cart so that they don’t invite any further pain to their bodies. 

In this piece, we will tell you about the best folding shopping carts for seniors. 

We have also included a detailed buyers’ guide so that you know what you need to look for when you go shopping for these convenient bags.

How This List was Made

To come up with this list, we spent tens of hours reading through blogs dedicated to senior living. Our major focus was on senior shopping and how it could be made a little bearable for them. 

We went through hundreds of shopping carts, researching about each in detail so that we could find out how uniquely they are designed to suit the needs of seniors. 

The result was a fine list of five shopping carts which we believed were most suited for seniors’ shopping needs.

5 Best Folding Shopping Carts for Seniors

#1. BEAU JARDIN Shopping Cart with Brakes

The BEAU JARDIN Shopping Cart is a real beast when it comes to senior shopping. It features a unique design that incorporates a large wheel with two brakes which can be used to make the bag stand freely even on a slope. 

It comes with two handles – one for pulling and one for pushing, hence, more convenience and versatility in use. 

Folding it to make it ready for use or for storage is also easy, given the intuitiveness of its design. You will also love its impressive weight capacity. 

This is not to mention the 360 degrees wheel and an adjustable handle that will give you total control during use.


Most seniors who purchased this bag use it for more than just shopping. With its built and versatility, they enjoy using it in the malls. 

They are also not afraid to take it outdoors to places such as the beach. They love the fact that it has enough capacity for all they may want to carry. 

Also, the fact that they can easily pull or push it further makes it a convenient companion for errands in and out of town.


  • Spacious and versatile in applications
  • Lightweight and easily foldable
  • Large wheels with brakes – ideal for use on various surfaces
  • Freestanding function
  • High weight capacity


  • Some customers have issues with the quality of the material


If you are a senior who still loves to explore the outdoors, and you are looking for a versatile bag that you can use for more than shopping, then this is going to be an ideal choice for you. 

With features such as the large capacity, 360-degrees wheels with adjustable handles, and a free-standing function with double brakes, you get an unmatched experience with this shopping bag.

#2. SUPENICE Grocery Utility Shopping Cart

This is a versatile and easy to assemble grocery utility shopping cart that will suit the shopping needs of most seniors. 

Notable features include a foldable, lightweight yet sturdy design that makes it not only easy to maneuver, but also to store. 

The comfortable handle with a humanized foam cover on the handrail comes with the comfort you need to wheel the cart without any strain on your hands or wrists. 

And, the swivel wheel design will allow you better control and to easily find your way through the busy shopping isles.


This is a versatile folding shopping cart that is fairly popular among seniors because it is lightweight and easy to maneuver. 

Most users also love it because it is durable, and just the right size to provide room for their grocery shopping needs.


  • Foldable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight, but durable
  • Versatile in applications
  • Easy to use


  • Doesn’t feature a bag to protect shopping from weather elements


This is a decent bag with great design features to take care of the shopping needs of most seniors. 

The foldable design, ease of assembly, maximum weight capacity, and rolling swivel wheels are part of the reasons for its inclusion in this list of the best folding shopping carts for seniors.

#3. dbest Bigger Trolley Dolly

dbest Bigger Trolley Dolly is an affordable and versatile folding shopping bag that will suit the needs of most seniors. 

It features a large and comfortable cushion handle to avoid any strain while being pulled along. The large beefy wheels will make it roll along nicely on most surfaces, including rough and uneven surfaces. 

And, with a total of seven compartments, the bag has enough storage most seniors would need, including pockets for beverage and umbrellas. 

Also worth noting is the fact that the trolley can easily transform into a dolly which greatly increases its weight capacity.


The majority of the seniors who purchased this bag are very happy with the kind of experience they have had with the bag. 

One user on subReddit told of how the bag changed his shopping life, and left him wondering how he managed his shopping before buying the bag. 

Similar sentiments were also echoed among other buyers, praising features such as the large wheels, several storage pockets, weight capacity, and easy maneuverability.


  • Foldable for ease of storage
  • Comes with heavy-duty beefy wheels that will move smoothly on all surfaces
  • Designed for multifunctional uses
  • Has a total of eight compartments, including beverage and umbrella holder
  • The frame is made of durable steel for longevity


  • Some customers complained that the cart’s cloth material was not of the best quality


dbest Bigger Trolley Dolly is a decent choice if you are looking for a strong, durable, versatile, and affordable folding shopping bag for seniors. 

If you are the kind of shopper who will use extra storage when heading to the stores, then this is the bag you will love stepping out with.

#4. Pipishell Shopping Cart – Dual Handles

Pipishell Shopping Cart is another incredible choice for seniors who need more versatility when they go out shopping. 

The bag is intuitively designed with unique features that will make you look forward to your shopping trips. 

One of the prominent features you will love about the bag is the three-height adjustable handle that comes with a thicker sponge for comfortable gripping. 

With this handle, you can adjust the cart to the most comfortable position for your needs. It is spacious to provide enough room for your grocery, and also foldable to allow for easy and convenient storage.


This is one of the most popular folding shopping carts for seniors in most of the marketplaces. This should be a subtle indication that there are so many people who are very happy with it. 

Its quality, space, easy maneuverability, and intuitive handle design are some of the features that most users are pleased with, and which you are also going to love.


  • Features a three-height adjustable handle with thick sponge
  • It is a room-saving cart with its folding capabilities
  • Fitted with smooth wheels for optimal maneuverability
  • Has a maximum capacity of 66lbs – that’s more than enough for most seniors
  • Made of durable iron tubes


  • The wheels are not suitable for use on the sidewalks


The Pipishell Shopping Cart features a great design that will suit the grocer shopping needs of most seniors. 

Its maximum load capacity, as well as the dual swivel wheels, make a nice combination that will allow seniors to wheel a considerable amount of weight with lots of ease. 

Though some customers think it is not suitable for use on the sidewalks, it still offers a decent shopping experience, hence, we highly recommend it to our readers.

#5. Hereinway Portable and Foldable Shopping Cart

This Hereinway Portable & Foldable Shopping Cart is designed to solve every challenge that seniors might encounter when they go shopping for groceries. 

It features a collapsible frame that allows it to be easily used as a dolly for transporting larger and heavier items. 

Its overall design and construction also have some of the best ergonomics, with top-notch features such as an upgraded handle, a long-lasting build, and optimal maneuverability to ensure that you can take the cart anywhere you want. 

Also, the fact that it features compact storage implies that you won’t need a lot of space to store it, either in your house or in your car.


Most of the seniors who invested in this cart are all praises about it. They think of it as a lifesaver since it has made it so easy for them to walk up and down the shopping malls, and even through the apartment buildings going from floor to floor with relative ease. They also love the fact that it is spacious enough, easy to install, and requires very little space for storage.


  • Comes with superb maneuverability
  • Has an upgraded handle – features increased length as well as the ability to rotate up to 360-degrees.
  • Completely collapsible, hence, space economical on storage
  • Big enough for the purposes of most seniors
  • Versatile in applications


  • The cart is smaller than advertised


This cart is superbly designed to meet most if not all of the shopping needs of seniors. 

It is steady, stable, and spacious and comes with maneuverability capabilities that will give seniors the freedom to go shopping wherever they want without worrying about the loads they will be collecting. 

In addition to shopping, the cart is versatile enough for use in other applications such as trips to the flea market, running errands in town, and transporting laundry to and from the laundromat. 

We highly recommend it for seniors who wish to have new freedom in their shopping.

Buying Guide: What to Look for in the Best Folding Shopping Carts for Seniors

Here is a brief guide on some of the things you should look for when shopping for the best folding shopping carts for seniors-:

The Material:

A good shopping cart for seniors should be used for the long term. Consequently, check to ensure that all the materials used for making the bag are strong and durable. 

The frame should feature strong steel construction, and if the bag has a material cover, then that should also be of good quality.

Type of Wheels:

The wheels are important for two things: they will provide support for the weight. They will also determine how easy it is to move the cart. 

Go for carts with large and durable wheels with a swivel to allow for easy maneuverability. If possible, if you can find carts with wheels that have a braking system, then these should be preferred. 

The reason for this is because such are free-standing, and you can easily let them stand on sloping surfaces.

The Handle Design:

Since the cart is for senior use, the handle should have a very comfortable design. 

Ideally, it needs to be padded to protect the user from straining their hands and injuring their wrists when pushing or pulling heavy loads. 

If possible, go for carts with extendable handles. This will allow the user to easily adjust them according to their specific preferences.

The Storage Space:

Sadly, most people never consider the storage space before they buy these carts. However, this is a vital aspect that should never be overlooked. 

Remember, you will need to store the cart after use. Also, you may also need to carry it in your car while you go shopping. 

Therefore, ensure that the bag you choose will easily fit in your car or the intended storage space you have.


With the information contained herein, you shouldn’t have any problem choosing the best folding shopping carts for seniors. 

From the list above, our top choice is the Pipishell Shopping Cart. Its capacity and the dual swivel wheels as well as its price make it relatively unique and attractive for most seniors. 

If you have deeper pockets and you don’t mind spending more on a shopping cart, then you can go for BEAU JARDIN Shopping Cart with Brakes (first choice). 

It comes with some nice features, only that you may have to spend more on it. If, however, all you need is convenience, and reliability at the most convenient price, then dbest Bigger Trolley would be your ideal choice.

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