Best Reclining Shower Chairs with Wheels

Updated on November 24, 2020

Showering can be a really hectic job for your grandparents, especially if they are suffering from chronic pain disabilities. According to a study conducted by Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around 13.7 percent of the US population (more than 44 million) suffers from mobility disability. 

It makes bathing a problematic task if not an impossible one. Thus, the need for a reclining shower chair becomes a must. 

This article provides you with options for 5 best reclining shower chairs with wheels that can make your life a little easier.

How was the List Made?

To make this article possible, we deep-dived into the internet in search of the truth. We spent many hours on the research and analysis of each and every product. We compared the price, ratings, and reviews of each product and shortlisted the final 5 that we found most helpful.

Customer reviews are one of the most helpful methods to acquire the actual performance of the product. Thus, we also connected with several previous buyers to get to the ground reality. 

What to Look for in a Reclining Shower Chair?

There are tons of different showering chairs that you can choose from. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes that allow you the most comfort and safety during shower sessions.

However, the purchase of any product should be well thought out so you don’t end up spending extra. While searching for a reclining shower chair factors like usage, budget, portability, etc should be kept in consideration. 

Best Reclining Shower Chairs with Wheels Reviewed

#1. ShowerBuddy roll-in shower chair with tilt

ShowerBuddy roll-in shower chair is the product that can save you from remodelling your bathroom just so the patient can have a decent shower.

This shower chair is manufactured with an aluminium frame that ensures a rust-free and long-lasting life of the chair. It also helps in keeping the chair sturdy and rigid whenever in use.

It easily rolls over most of the toilets so that the user can do their business. Although, it also has a portable commode bucket for quick and easy use. The commode bucket can easily be removed and cleaned.

The tilt feature allows pressure release and helps in the easy defecation process. Plus, it is also helpful in an effortless shower experience as the tilt position provides better reach to the caregiver. 

The chair is highly customizable and the user can adjust it according to his/her liking. It features an adjustable footrest and armrest to provide the option of better moveability in the chair. The footrest and armrest can also be removed by unscrewing just a couple of the screws.


While searching for the reviews, we stumbled upon one on Reddit. He stated that the chair is extremely reliable and easy to use. It is fully customizable and “the tilt feature helps a lot”


  • Features an aluminium frame that ensures stability and durability.
  • Provides several adjustable features for better comfort to the user.
  • Unique tilt feature helps in showering as well as evacuation.
  • Can support up to 440 LBS of weight without any risk of breakage.


  • Assembly of the product is not a piece of cake.
  • Even after an aluminium frame, the product can be heavy and difficult to lift.


ShowerBuddy roll-in shower chair is the equipment that helps you get an effortless shower. It gives you the freedom to roam around without worrying about an emergency toilet trip. It can be a good choice for big as well as compact bathroom areas.

#2. MJM International 193-SSDE Reclining Shower Chair

MJM is another big brand making ripples in the market. The MJM International 193-SSDE Reclining Shower Chair is not made of aluminium, which can be a downside for many buyers. Nevertheless, the chair is built with high-grade polymers plastics.

The polymers plastics is an industrial-grade plastic that offers good stability to the product. It features an extended seat with a front opening for extra comfort and support to the user. 

The customer also enjoys extended footrests to provide that extra comfort during your showers. Talking about comfort, the product also includes highly padded foam seat cushions, lumbar support, and neck rest to give the user a satisfactory experience. 

Furthermore, the unique non-slip handgrips prevent your loved ones from any accidents that can hamper their health and welfare.

Moreover, the chair is easy to clean and can be done in an hour without any extra effort.


A customer on Amazon complimented the product greatly and described the head support as a “fluffy pillow” that can make you fall asleep in seconds. However, there was a complaint regarding the absence of a seatbelt in the showering chair. Nonetheless, the customer was highly satisfied with the product and even recommended it to others.


  • Extended seats and footrest provide extra support.
  • Comfortable padding in all the necessary points.
  • Non-slip hand grips help in preventing fall downs.
  • Sanitised and durable construction regardless of the material used.


  • The chair is quite big in size.
  • Does not provide seatbelts.


MJM International 193-SSDE Reclining Shower Chair is one of the most popular products when it comes to good showering chairs.  It has many features that will make you fall for it. This product is recommended to people who wish to get a good showering chair regardless of its size.

#3. MJM International 191-L-HB Reclining Bath Chair

The International 191-L-HB is another model introduced by the MJM company. Just like it’s relative (MJM International 193-SSDE Reclining Shower Chair) mentioned above, the 191-L-HB is crafted with the polymers plastics to ensure its strength and durability.

The design is sturdy and reinforced in the areas that deal with extensive pressure. The edges are rounded to prevent any cuts and scrapes during the shower. 

The International 191-L-HB Reclining Bath Chair is covered with fast-drying mesh back that is very easy to clean and maintain. The material is anti-bacterial which can be helpful to people with allergies. Plus, it is also lead and latex-free to ensure the safety of the customer.

However, the chair does not include wheel casters which might be the only major downside of the product.


A customer named Becky purchased this product for a family member facing some physical limitations. The customer provided deep insight into the features of the product and the advantages that it provides. Although, the unavailability of wheels was problematic.


  • Strong build which provides sturdy balance.
  • Quick-drying mesh back for easy maintenance.
  • Comes with a weight capacity of 225 LBS.


  • Not suitable for compact  bathrooms because of its big size
  • Does not come with wheel casters.


The MJM brand is well known for its quality products and when it comes to showering chairs, the International 191-L-HB Reclining Bath Chair is the one to beat. Despite the absence of wheels, this product is worth a buy.

#4. SYTH Folding Professional Reclining Wheelchair

SYTH Folding Professional Reclining Wheelchair is an amazing product that can take care of the showering issues for your loved ones.

This showering chair offers many features that will make life for your elderly a little easier. The waterproof wheel casters in the chair are highly durable and allow an effortless moveability.

Crafted with an aluminium frame, this chair offers sturdinesss and rigidity to its design and makes the product much safer and durable. Plus, the aluminium design makes the chair lightweight and easier to carry.

The aluminium  frame also has a rust-free quality so your chair will never degrade its value, even after long shower sessions

Furthermore, this chair also features a detachable bucket for easy and quick cleaning. The braking feature of the chair is also quite impressive. It has a 4 brake system that will keep the chair in its place.


one customer on complimented the brand for its weightless yet sturdy construction in his review. He shared its experience with the chair and was quite impressed by the features like folding capability and adjustable backrest design.


  • Aluminium frame that ensures rigidity and safety for a long time.
  • Detachable bucket and seat for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • High-quality water resistant castor wheels for better mobility.
  • It features a  foldable design and adjustable backrest for better portability.


  • The castor wheels do not work properly on uneven grounds like grass and dirt.
  • Seat foam and arm cushions tend to deteriorate over time.


SYTH Folding Professional Reclining Wheelchair is a reliable and portable product. It can last a long time if taken care of properly. Plus, the numerous features make it a must-buy for anyone who is unable to stand for a long time.

#5. MJM International 191-MC-B-HB Reclining Bath Chair

When we said MJM is a big name in this domain, we were not kidding. The International 191-MC-B-HB Reclining Bath Chair is yet another showering chair made by MJM. 

The chair frame is made with the same polymer plastic material that you can find in many other MJM products. Coming to the reclining feature, the product offers a triple recline position between 30 degrees to 70 degrees.

This showering chair also involves an adjustable head bolster. This head bolster helps in keeping the head and neck steady during showers. It also helps in providing comfort to the customer.


A customer on Reddit shared his experience with the product. He stated that the chair is perfect for a medium size bathroom and fits in the bathtub perfectly. Furthermore, the reclining feature provides effortless working for the caregiver.


  • Made with high-grade polymer plastic material that provides stability.
  • The reclining feature offers 3 different positions on which the caregiver can work on.
  • The adjustable head bolster provides comfort and support to the patient.


  • The weight capacity of the chair is low (130 LBS)
  • Does not come with wheel casters.


The MJM International 191-MC-B-HB Reclining Bath Chair is the product that gets the job done. It does not provide wheels for easy portability but if you want a no-frills showering chair, this product is for you. 

Detailed Guide for the Best Reclining Shower Chairs

There are thousands of reclining shower chairs in the market that you can choose from. However, an impulse buy can not only set you back hundreds of dollars but can also wind you up with something that you don’t actually need.

Therefore a strong knowledge about the product can go a long way and can save you some serious money.


It is an essential feature that can save you extra unnecessary work. Compact and lightweight chairs can be beneficial for the user as compared to ones with bigger dimensions. 

Furthermore, all of the above options include built-in wheels that will make moving around easy and effortless.


The budget is the most important factor that you have to take into consideration. Since the prices of these chairs can go to thousands of dollars, it is critical to figure out the perfect spending amount that you can use for the chair. 

Raw Material used

The key for a durable and reliable showering chair is based on the material that is used in the chair upon construction. There are generally three types of material used in these chairs Aluminium, stainless steel, and PVC Plastic. All of these materials offer different benefits and quality of construction.


Now, you must be wondering which is the best product out of these 5 and which one would be best for me. All of the 5 products contain numerous benefits that make them the best competitors in the market today. All of the above products have the capability to give you a comfortable as well as safe showering experience.
However, the ultimate winner in our eyes would be the MJM International 193-SSDE Reclining Shower Chair. It is a stable, safe,  and comfortable showering chair that gives you the best and safest showering experience.