Best Easy To Read Watches For Seniors

Updated on November 24, 2020

A watch has always been an essential tool that helps to keep track of time. Back in the days, when there were no smartphones, carrying a watch was vital to show up on time. Even today, a lot of seniors prefer wearing watches. But you might have often noticed that seniors can never tell the time at first glance of their watch. The reason is simple – their wristwatches are not easy to read. 

A wrist watch for senior citizens will have a big dial and a large display. Unfortunately, not many of the watches fall under this category as watches are only meant to cater to the youth these days. 

Do not stress out as we are here to guide you about buying watches for old people and provide you with the best options available. Let’s read on! 

How was the List Made?

Although it looks easy, buying a watch for seniors can be complicated. You need to understand their requirements first and then explore the options. We followed the same pattern where we studied seniors’ requirements and even asked some of them personally. 

From our research, we found out that most seniors have a hard time seeing clearly. This is why they need a more oversized dial that is clear and easily visible. After that, we reviewed a lot of watches and selected the ones that match the criteria. We have curated a list of these watches and provided a detailed review of them so that the buying process doesn’t get overwhelming for you. 

What to Look for While Buying a Large Face Watch for Seniors? 

We had a huge misconception for a long time – there is no need for a senior-friendly watch. However, it became evident that seniors had a hard time seeing the time at a glance. It was finally discovered that all watches are not ideal for seniors. 

Senior-friendly watches are essential because of poor eyesight among most of the older adults. It is best to have watches that have bold prints so that seniors can look at the time even without glasses. At the same time, their wristwatch should be sturdy and long-lasting. 

When looking for watches for old people, it is essential to take a look at certain factors. First and foremost, make sure that the watch has a large dial, numerals, and face. Secondly, the watch should be comfortable to wear. Moreover, seniors suffer from various conditions that demand their safety and their accessories. For this, you can look for a waterproof watch. 

Also, some watches come with a backlit feature, which allows looking at the time in the dark. 

5 Best Simple Digital Watch for Seniors

#1. Speidel Original Scrub Watch

The Speidel original scrub watch is exclusively crafted, keeping in mind the needs of seniors. It has a white dial with 12 and 24 markers that make looking at the time easy. The watch is also a great option for nurses, as it has a highly visible red second hand that makes taking pulse readings easier. 

It provides a hassle-free experience as the watch is easy to clean. The watch features a super-soft silicone band so that it is comfortable to wear. 

For seniors, waterproof features are essential. Fortunately, this watch is water-resistant up to 30m. Additionally, it is available in a wide range of color options like pink silicone, teal silicone, white silicone, white leather, etc. 

A 2-year warranty backs the watch, and you can also avail a 30-day refund or replacement if not satisfied with the product. 


A customer on the subreddit says, “This is the perfect watch for me. I have been looking for an easy-to-read watch for a long time which doesn’t strain my eyes while looking at the time. I came across this one by Speidel Store and it looks amazing on my wrist. It helps me a lot while taking vitals. I must say that it is the perfect medical assistant’s watch”. 


  • Easy-to-read dial
  • Easy-to-clean band
  • Available in various color options 


  • The hook on the buckle is short


Overall, it is an excellent watch for seniors and medical assistants as it has an easy to read dial and visible red second hand. 

#2. Timex Women’s Easy Reader – Easy To Read Ladies Watches

Watches from Timex have always been the customer’s favorite. The watch is a simple yet well-crafted and timeless piece. If you are looking for a wrist watch for senior citizens, then this is your best option. 

It has easy to read numbers that are balanced with a clean digital dial. Also, the watch is made with paying attention to all details. This watch features an all-metal case and a mineral glass lens. 

As mentioned above, backlit features are essential when looking for a watch for seniors. This watch also has back-light technology that allows looking at the time easily in the dark. 


A customer on an online shopping portal says, “I have weak eyesight which makes me look for easy to read watches. I absolutely love wearing a watch at work but other watches make looking at the time difficult. This watch has solved all my issues as it looks elegant and has easy to read numerals. The color of the watch goes with most of my outfits. I totally recommend it to all women with weak eyesight”. 


  • Elegant look 
  • Easy-to-read numbers 
  • Clean digital dial 
  • Mineral glass lens 




Overall, it is an excellent option for ladies who are looking for easy to read watches with an elegant look. The watch seems classic and makes looking at the time more comfortable than ever. 

#3. Timex Easy Reader – Simple Digital Watch For Seniors

This is another watch by Timex that features a leather strap. It is a classic piece with a white easy-to-read dial. It also has a day and date window and fully Arabic numerals. 

The watch also has a silver-tone 35mm brass case with a mineral glass crystal. Since waterproof features are also essential for seniors, this watch is water-resistant to 30 meters. It is suitable for splashes or deep immersion in water but not meant for swimming. 


A user on the subreddit says, “My friend gifted me this watch and I have never been happier after receiving a watch. But this is different as it has an easy-to-read dial and a leather strap. The best thing about this watch is that I don’t need to wear my glasses to read the time. I will recommend it to everyone who is looking for an easy to read watch”. 


  • Backlight technology 
  • Water-resistant to 30 meter 
  • Genuine leather strap 


  • Instructions are inadequate 


All-in-all, it is an excellent option for people who love leather straps and are looking for a watch with special features for seniors. 

#4. TimeChant Atomic! Talking Watch

This time chant by FIVE SENSES is truly a smartwatch. If we have to point at the most exciting thing about the watch, it would be its capability to set itself. The time and calendar of this talking watch are set automatically by radio atomic signal. It also adjusts itself for daylight savings. 

It comes with a metal watchcase and looks elegant on a man’s or a woman’s wrist. The watch is capable of announcing the time, date, day, and month along with alarm status and signal reception status. It is an excellent option to consider for seniors as it features easy-to-read large digits. 


A customer says, “I bought this watch for its unique features. I must admit that the watch is sturdy and it is larger than I expected. This makes reading the time even easier. Also, it looks great on my hand. With the audio feature, I don’t need to look at the time always as I can simply hear it”.  


  • Easy-to-read digits 
  • Loud male voice
  • Sets itself 


  • It is a bit heavy. 


Overall, it is an excellent option for people looking for something unique in the watch, like the talking feature and easy-to-read digits. 

#5. TICCI Unisex – Large Face Watch For Seniors

TICCI Unisex is a fantastic option if you are looking for a large face watch for seniors. It features a white or black dial with 12 and 24 hours markers. The watch is a perfect option for nurses and medical professionals and has a visible white second hand, making reading time easy. 

The watch is easy to clean and highly durable. It is comfortable to wear, thanks to the soft silicone band. It also has waterproof features and is available in a variety of colors. Most importantly, the brand also offers a 30-day refund and replacement if you are not satisfied with the product. 


A customer says, “My son gifted me this watch on my birthday and I really love it. It is very easy to read the time as the dial is clear. I totally recommend this to anybody looking for a watch for seniors”. 


  • Easy-to-read dial 
  • 100% silicone band
  • Available in a variety of colors 


  • Some customers report a loose latch 


If you are looking for a watch for seniors or for nurses and medical professionals, it is an excellent option to take accurate pulse readings. 

What to Look for in a Large Face Watch for Seniors? 

Want to know what makes a watch an easy to read watch? Let’s take a look at the most critical factors to consider while buying a wrist watch for senior citizens

Display Contrast 

No matter what type of watch you choose, whether digital or analog, it is essential to see if it has a strong display contrast. The ideal contrast should be white numbers on a black background or vice versa. The better the contrast, the more readable it is. 

Large Numerals 

It is vital to go for a watch with large numerals when buying a wristwatch for seniors. Large numbers on a watch will help to identify the time quickly. The larger the characters are, the better visibility they provide. 


Always know that seniors are not looking for exaggerated embellishments but an easy to read watch. While some watches use large designs and patterns to make the watch unique, it only makes the time harder to read. Instead, go for a simple and understandable numerical style that is readable. Also, avoid Roman numerals as they are not easy to interpret. 

Water Resistance

Many seniors deal with issues that make them forgetful. This can lead to forgetting to remove the wash before washing. In such a case, a watch with waterproof features would be best. 


Many watches come with a backlight feature that makes it easier to read time in low-light. Button backlights are not a great option as one needs to hold it always to emit light. In such a situation, the backlight option is good. 

Speaking Feature 

Technology has advanced, and today, various watches come with the audio feature. The wearer can hear the time instead of reading it. This feature is only useful if the senior does not have any hearing issues. 

Bottom Line 

It is time to break the myth that seniors don’t need a different watch. They obviously do! It is crucial to read the things to keep in mind mentioned above before buying watches for old people

If we have to recommend the best option, it will be the TICCI Unisex watch as it features a white or black dial and has a white second hand. It is a fantastic option for seniors as well as medical experts. 

Saying that, the other options are no less and are highly reliable. It is best to go for the one that suits your needs and requirements the best. Happy shopping!