Best Standing Aid For Elderly

Updated on March 12, 2023

Doesn’t ‘aid’ and ‘elderly’ go hand-in-hand? Why? We will try to explain that. As we reach the peaks for our lifeline, we get dependent on external support to manage physically. During this period of life, standing aids provide support to sit, stand, and to support us while walking. 

There is a huge demand for standing aids for the elderly. It helps us to continue our daily routine without the help of other people. These artificially created products enable us to survive independently. To be more independent of people, one has to be dependent on such equipment, which grants support and mobility. 

How was This List Made?

To ease your task and to save time, we have done research work on effective and sturdy standing aids for the elderly. We also consulted medical experts of this field and consumers already in usage of these products to have a closer look at them. 

Shortlisting the criteria that we often look upon while buying medical equipment, we have chosen top-five standing aid equipment considering their price, material, user-experience, physical features, durability, etc:

Five Best Standing Aids for Elderly

#1. Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat Standing Aid

This premium padded bath and shower chair with pivoting arms helps people who face immobility and cognitive challenges. This professional chair is designed by a team of dedicated healthcare professionals for safety and comfort. It can handle people weighing up to 330 pounds. The padded seat, back, and armrests do not absorb water and the legs and bars do not rust. 

The sturdy legs are adjustable, the chair can be rotated and also slides rightwards and leftwards for better uses, and the armrest can be lifted/ raised for convenience while sitting on it. It also has a safety belt to prevent the person from sliding forward. 


A buyer in the review said, “Well this is a no-brainer. Mother uses a walker. She backs up to the set and sits down, we buckle her up, release the seat, slide it back, spin her around and she’s in the tub. No worries of falls or slips in the tub.”


  • The chair can be rotated and slides sidewards
  • Height is adjustable 
  • The seat is waterproof and not slippery 
  • Has a safety seat belt
  • Easy trending baths and showers


  • The product occupies a lot of space 


It would help people enjoy their shower time without any fear of falling or slipping. It can be managed independently and can be assembled within five minutes. 

#2. Able Life Able Tray Table with Ergonomic Standing Aid

This stand assist has a super grip and also has a bamboo tray table attached to it which has an in-built cup holder. The stander provides leverage and support while sitting and standing up from the couch or chair.  The table has a dimension of 16×18 inches and is 360 degrees rotational. The height of the stander is adjustable with push pins. The stability pads have an adjustable base to fit the length of the couch for better stability and grip. 


A buyer in the review said, “My Mom absolutely loves this table! Very convenient, rotates 360 degrees! Perfect next to recliners and it assists her in feeling secure when operating the lift portion of the chair and in getting out of the recliner”


  • Adjustable height
  • Safety handle measures 6×6 inches and is tough 
  • Attached tray table which can fit laptops, books, plates, etc
  • High and good quality and easy to assemble


  • It has a single-handed convenience


This equipment is efficient for people who need a platform with them to work or eat as it comes with a table attached to it. It is very stable and can support people who weigh more. 

#3. Portable Couch by Stand-A-Roo – Easy Get Up Chair Support Standing aid

This stand assist for the elderly, disabled, and expecting mothers is foldable, storable, and portable. It does not require any assembly but requires furniture with removable cushions. It has adjustable height and width and weighs less than three pounds but can hold up to 350 pounds. It has non-slip grip padding and can be handled individually. 


A buyer in the review said, “My 94 year old mother came home after a month in the hospital and needed assistance with getting out of bed. Because she had the Standing Aid installed between the mattresses on her bed, she was able to get up on her own making her less dependent on others. I highly recommend this product.”


  • Medical grade quality 
  • Durable
  • Weighs light and easy to handle 
  • Non-slip grip


  • Requires furniture with removable cushions 


It is of great help and support to sit and stand from the couch or chair, can be handled individually, and weighs very less and is portable. It is useful not just for the elderly but also for pregnant women.  

#4. Stander EZ Fold-N-Go Walker Standing Aid

The walker comes with wheels and brakes and also has a pouch attached to it. It just weighs seven pounds and is portable and folds up to four times smaller than average. It fits through narrow doorways and tight spaces. The width of the walker is adjustable and supports people upto 400 pounds. It supports people who need support from someone while walking or standing. It is also beneficial for people who find it difficult to walk without support or have a tendency to fall. 


A buyer in the review said, “Perfect to strap to my mother’s lightweight shopping mobility. scooter to enable her to get out of it and walk around shops. We just used a bungee cord to attach to the back of her seat and around to each of the armrests. A little pricey, but it has been worth the investment.”


  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Adjustable width 
  • Attached pouch to keep essentials 
  • Has wheels and brakes 


  • While set to swivel wheels might be uncontrollable 


This product helps us in stress-free travelling and folds-unfolds easily. Best suitable for someone who can walk easily but just needs a little support.

#5. Carex Upeasy Seat Assist Plus- Chair Lift And Sofa Standing Aid

This portable lifting seat with support up to 340 pounds, provides 70% assistance. Instead of using a lot of body strength to sit and to stand, this apparatus helps to move up and down and is flexible. There is nothing to plug in, just set on any chair or couch and it is ready to work. 

It converts any chair into instant mobility and is versatile and light-weighted. While traveling, just fold the seat and grab the handle and it is ready to go. It is not only for the elderly but also could be used by every human being who wants to sit and stand in a more comfortable and supportive way. 


A buyer in the review said, “Really excellent. Would be lost without one (I have SIX in total in various locations).”


  • Easily washable 
  • Portable and flexible
  • Fits on every chair 
  • Adjustable hooks and is comfy 


  • Does not have supportive handles, has to be placed on chairs with handles
  • Heavy to carry


It is a great tool for the evolution of mobility. It helps to sit and stand easily and can be handled individually. Also, has a great lifting force while standing. 

Points to Remember while Buying

We all want to buy the equipment best suited for us, especially medical equipment like standing aids. There are many options and alternatives available these days, but buying the best product is the sole responsibility of buying any product. You must first think, analyze, choose, and then buy the perfect standing aid for yourself or for your loved ones. Some points to keep in mind while buying the same are:


Since standing aids are meant to support you, it should have high stability as you will use it to stand, sit, or move. It should have the capacity to hold enough weight to be rigid. Non-stable equipment will cost you money, time, and effort.


The quality of the product which may include durability, material used, weight capacity, etc plays a huge role in building the product. The materials used have to be tough and should be able to hold weight so as to support the individual. Also, the materials used are directly proportional to the durability of the product. Using low-quality material might not lead to the durability of the equipment.


This was just a simple guide to make it easier for you to purchase a standing aid for the elderly. There are a variety of equipment available in the market having different characteristics and usage but choose the one which will be able to support you while walking, standing, etc.

If you want a pick from the above list, we would recommend the Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench for its sturdy design and user-friendly features. it is recommended before buying the equipment to consult a medical professional as they will be able to suggest the appropriate standing aid for your issues.

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