The Reasons Why Green Support Drinks are So Healthy

Updated on March 12, 2019

From many greed powders to the pre-made green super-food drinks, there are many choices no in the local grocery stores, and going green through these types of supplements are at a rage now. The concentrated green drinks and supplements are believed to have a lot of nutritional benefits. These are considered as a natural and healthy alternative to the need to consume veggies and leaves in a balanced amount in your diet. Greens have proven results in keeping your blood purified, help in digestion, boost the immune system, and also offer more energy.

Green powder drink products

Green powder usually consists of the extractions from fresh green vegetables, and are also supplements with essential plant fiber, chlorophyll, chlorella, spirulina, vitamins, minerals, etc. There are also specialized products available like barley greens, green tea extract, wheatgrass and concentrated green foods like bilberry, ginko, milk thistle, dunaliella, and licorice root, etc. Ingredients of different products offer different benefits in terms of human health maintenance. Usually, those who are on to green drinks tend to add a spoonful of green powder to the morning shake and drink it. 

The need for greens on the go

It is not always easy to eat organic or fresh greens on the go, but it is essential for your health. So, consuming green drinks in the desired quantity can be a quick and alternative. This is more so in case of kids who used to be uneasy to consume veggies. Green superfood used to come in powder consistency, so it is easy for the users just to scoop it and mix with water, milk, soy milk, or yogurt to drink. You can find many such tips and reviews at the Green Powder Drink Reviews page.

For kids and teens, you may prepare some tasty shake also of green powder with some fresh fruits. For workout freaks, the green powder can be mixed with protein powder and consumed. While on travel, green supplements can also serve to your day’s nutritional requirements. Consuming green foods is just like eating enough veggies. As the manufacturers claim, one scoop of green drink is equal to 5 servings of mixed vegetables.

You may not want to add broccoli floret or a raw veggie salad to your breakfast. However, it may not be disgusting if you try to mix some green drinks with your favorite yogurt and cinnamon or fresh fruit juice. This will make you feel like just taking a dessert. When you try to get your kids to eat veggies, this is the most difficult affair. As we have seen above, many toddlers are not excited about a broccoli floret or salad, but a tasty green food drink or mixed with fruit shake may be something which they would prefer.

Green supplements also contain different ingredients rich in essential antioxidants. Say, for example, green tea extracts, powder of wheatgrass, spirulina, powder of barley grass, broccoli powder, and spinach powder, etc. are rich in antioxidants. Taking a green supplement during the morning will also help to supplement enough carbs as in the veggies like broccoli. Green foods also have elements like chlorophyll, which help to alkalize and clean blood. 

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