Fitness Enthusiasts Guide to Choose an Apt Pre-Workout Supplement

Updated on March 6, 2019

Can you imagine a fitness supplement brand which is not offering a product for pre-workout? There are hardens of thousands of pre-workout supplements out there in the online market and fitness stores.

So, how to choose an apt pre-work supplement for your purpose? This is confusing most of the fitness freaks have when they are trying to choose an adequate supplement. Here, let’s explore a few essentials to note while purchasing pre-workout supplements. 

Some questions to ask yourself

1. What fitness training you do?

It is important to understand what training methodology you follow for fitness to decide what pre-work supplement you should be using. Some training may require massive energy and some others may be of sustained energy with just a need to minimally fuel up your muscles.

2. What quantity is needed?

Do you lack any essential natural elements, which are needed for fitness? Do you need more energy just as you lack it by the time you hit the gym?

3. What is your level of tolerance to any stimulant?

Whether you drink energy drinks or coffee regularly? Do you get wired with half a bottle of RedBull? Check your tolerance level too before choosing any energy supplement.

Choosing a pre-workout

Once if you get answers for the above questions, next you can move on to choosing an appropriate pre-workout supplement from, where the two primary types of pre-workout products to know are:

Stimulant-based pre-workout

The ideal way to find about a pre-work as stimulant-based is by looking at the size of the serving with the supplement facts or the jug size.  Usually, stimulant-based are pre-workouts which are in small containers less than a pound or so. The one-time serving size may be 10 g or less. These pre-workout supplements may provide a euphoric-type feeling and get you amplified for the workout sessions.

These pre-workout supplements are ideal when the workout is rigorous to drain out a lot of energy like squats, deadlifts, hang cleans or so. Stimulant-based products are also ideal if you are trying to cut your fat as they can have a thermogenic effect of burning more fat. 

Muscle building type pre-workouts

These types of pre-workouts are now a bit underrated as they don’t offer high energy for the workout. Of course, these provide energy, but the primary focus of it is on some other areas which make a difference. Muscle building pre-workout products may come in larger two-pound containers or so. The serving size per instance may be 20 g or more.

They are consumed at a bigger size as they consist of ingredients in a larger dose which play a crucial role in lean muscle mass building. There are also some elements to help muscle recovery after a workout as amino acids, creatine, and carbohydrates in these muscle building products.

In terms of muscle mass building, energy is not the need for the pre-workout. You want the ability to strengthen muscles by maximising your lifts and squats and need a good fuel source for your muscles not to burn off, and along with it a need to recover your muscles faster so that you can push them further to complete muscle failure and instant recovery.

The best way to use muscle-building pre-workouts is by sipping them in between throughout your workout period rather than one-time consumption like stimulant pre-workouts.

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