Useful Tech Gadgets for the Elderly in 2021

Updated on March 12, 2023

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Technology has evolved over the last 20 years, making it much easier for everyone to learn, work and shop. But some elders may not realize how all these can help them, especially if they have never used the high-tech devices and gadgets that offer solutions to their everyday problems. The recent pandemic has proven that they need technology to live. Keep reading to discover more about the tech gadgets that would be essential for the elders.

Mobile Phone 

Gone are the days of using a traditional landline phone as the culture today relies on mobile phones to stay connected. Fortunately, there are many mobile phones available on the market that senior citizens can use. It does not have to be the latest model; if they can make a call, it should be enough. But you can also shop for the latest smartphone that is worth buying. 

These gadgets provide you with a range of applications or software that keep you safe, entertained, and connected to your friends and family. These apps allow you to perform many activities, such as making a video call, setting medication reminders, and playing challenging games to keep your brain active. You can check out the Lively Flip, a flip phone with a beautiful display, simple navigation, and a loudspeaker. The iPhone SE (2020) is also a good option with its stylish design, screen quality, and camera.  


Tablets are essentially thin and light hybrid devices that combine laptops and smartphones. As opposed to mobile phones, tablets offer a much larger screen, which the elderly would appreciate with its many amazing apps to play with. Furthermore, tablets are generally less expensive than laptops and desktop PCs. Most tablets are like their smartphone counterparts, and you can buy a separate keyboard and stylus if you do not like the touch screen feature. 

One of the choices available is the GrandPad, a simple tablet with programs that allow seniors to not only start video chatting but also listen to music, play games, and safely browse the internet. If you need more options, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A is an excellent low-cost option for elders looking for a large screen on an Android-powered tablet.


The third item you will need is a smartwatch, which can be intimidating to some due to the small screen, fussy buttons, and complicated setup process for synchronizing it with a phone. When purchasing one, look for a smartwatch with long battery life and the screen is large enough that icons and buttons are easy to click, even if the user has visual problems. Emergency support is essential as well to alert emergency services or trusted contacts as soon as the smartwatch detects a fall. 

The Apple Watch is among the few popular smartwatches. It is compatible with iOS, which runs apps like Apple Fitness+, tracking your workout, heart rate, calories, and other health-related data. If you are on a tight budget, the Xiaomi Mi Watch is a great option because it not only has a larger screen but also features a decent sleep tracker. Like other Xiaomi smartwatches, it measures your total time asleep, deep, light, and REM sleep. 

Robot Vacuum 

Traditional vacuum cleaners are large, heavy, and noisy. It takes a lot of work to use one, and it might be harmful as you become older. Your stamina declines as you age, and for tasks like vacuuming that need you to stand, walk, push, and pull for an extended amount of time, it is far better to use robot vacuums. Floor cleaning is made easier for the elderly by robot vacuums. 

BoostIQ RoboVac, for example, is a lightweight robot vacuum that uses BoostIQ technology to detect hair and dirt build-up. Its sensors also keep it from falling down the stairs or crashing into objects. The iRobot Roomba i3+ is a good buy too. It includes an incredibly easy-to-use rubber roller as well as Dirt Detect technology for detecting trouble spots on your carpet. Since iRobot has been in business since 2002, replacement parts are also quite easy to come by. 

Smart Speaker 

A personal assistant such as a smart speaker is needed for the elderly, especially if they live alone. They value how it helps them improve their lives and they are free to ask whatever question they want concerning current affairs, music, or anything else they like. The Amazon Echo Dot (4th version) is one of the best available. The built-in Alexa supports senior citizens with their daily duties and promotes conversation that will make the elderly feel less lonely. 

Aside from that, you can purchase Google’s Next Hub (2nd Generation), a smart speaker that can perform several activities. When it first debuted, the Nest Hub was just a digital photo frame and a simple smart speaker with a screen, but it is now capable of being a smart home control center, fancy alarm clock, and more interesting features. The recent addition is automatic sleep tracking, which employs special sensors embedded into the display bezel to watch your movement and breathing during the night to analyze your sleep.   

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