3 Best Mobile Gaming Genres for A Mental Workout

Updated on March 26, 2020

The brain is an impressive machine, capable of many cognitive feats, but susceptible to weakness if not exercised. Especially in senior years, the importance of mental stimulation is greater than ever to stay sharp and happy. The first trusted activities to turn to are books and puzzles because they activate several useful parts of the brain. On top of these, modern technology has provided the next best thing in cognitive exercise: mobile games. A single device has access to hundreds of expertly designed works of entertainment that can practice anything from reflexes and attention to detail to memory and problem-solving.

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Classic Games

The best classics in video gaming are simple yet highly stimulating, not to mention dependable when it comes to keeping that brain active. Tetris is a beloved time-constrained puzzle of increasing difficulty that has survived all competition since 1984, earning upgrades along the way. A modern version of Minesweeper also exists, combining the basic rules of the original game with a Sudoku layout: Minesweeper Genius.

Other classic games like slots can also be found on a smartphone. Starburst on Magical Vegas online casino is a good example of how far slot games have come from their mechanical predecessors. This particular title stimulates the senses with meticulous graphics and audio, while extra mini-games further enhance the classic slots experience and brain activity. Before you play casino games like this, though, take some time to learn how to play online casino games.

Puzzle Games

These can come in many shapes and sizes. Depending on what type of puzzles a mobile user prefers or how intricate they should be, this category can entertain any brain. Wordscapes and Words with Friends 2, for example, are for lovers of crosswords, word search and scrabble. More complex and adventurous tastes can go as far as The Eyes of Ara, a 3D puzzle world that takes exploration and alertness to solve. For similar cognitive thrills, The Room series is a rich source of mental exercise as players use their observation, problem-solving and more technical skills to progress from area to area. To be more scientifically precise, as Big Escape Rooms confirm, solving any puzzle, including their specialty, releases dopamine, which improves your mood, concentration and memory.

Adventure Games

Senior gamers can enjoy any level of video game difficulty they wish. When it comes to adventure, this genre can range from casual platformers to RPGs. Production news concerning Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls VI claim that an NPC will be included based on Skyrim Grandma, the celebrated senior YouTuber and avid Skyrim adventurer by the name of Shirley Curry. She exemplifies the fact that the only limit to how much mental gaming exercise a player can get entirely comes down to personal interests and circumstances.

Stimulating games of a lower but still praised caliber include the imaginative productions of Amanita Design: Machinarium, Samorost 3 and Botanicula. There is also the murder mystery of the Broken Sword series. The best adventure games engage the user’s brain no differently than a good book.     

Mobile gaming is not solely the domain of younger generations. Senior players have much to gain, mentally and emotionally, from diving into the joys of video game entertainment.

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