The Best Supplements to Gain Muscle

Updated on October 19, 2021

If you’ve recently begun working out and you’re determined to see some major muscle gains, you know you need to train consistently and eat right so you can finally get that Jason Momoa kind of body. But even with the best diet possible, training hard tends to deplete your body of vitamins and nutrients vital for muscle gain and fat loss.

So, what do you do? Incorporate supplements into your fitness journey. That said, take a look at the variety of supplements offered by the best quality supplement brands so you can select one that suits your fitness goals. The following are a few of the supplement varieties commonly available. 


Protein is like the holy grail of all muscle building supplements. Most bodybuilders swear by it, and it’s not hard to figure out why. To start with, protein is made of amino acids, which, as you may know, are the building blocks for body muscle. What does this have to do with protein supplements? While a protein-rich diet is critical to your fitness journey, protein supplements help accelerate you towards your goals. How? Well, for muscle gain, you need to take more protein than your body breaks down.  

While a protein-rich diet will provide this, it’s essential to note hard training forces your body to demand more proteins, which may not be readily available. Protein supplements contain easily absorbable amino acids that deliver the much-needed energy and, in turn, facilitate muscle synthesis and, consequently, promote muscle gains. 


Creatine is yet another excellent bodybuilding supplement that you should buy from your favorite best quality supplement brands. It is a naturally occurring compound within our muscle cells and is made up of various amino acids. It’s among the body’s primary sources of cellular energy and has been in play for more than two decades now.

Creatine improves energy production and promotes fast muscle recovery. This, in turn, enables you to work out for longer periods, increasing your gains. Other than that, this compound helps boost the level of hormones associated with muscle growth and has proven to play a role in hypertrophy. All these factors together go a long way in helping you increase muscle mass. The best bit is just like protein; creatine has been studied extensively and boasts an excellent safety profile.  


Branched-chain amino acids, popularly referred to as BCAAs, are made of three individual amino acids; leucine, isoleucine, and lysine. They are among the nine amino acids the human body is usually unable to synthesize, which means we have to consume them from food or supplements. While there’s no magic pill for overnight muscle gain, taking these branched-chain amino acids will help inch you closer to your gains. This is because being mainly amino acids, BCAAs promote gains by preventing the breakdown of muscle tissue and encouraging muscle protein synthesis. 

Other Supplement Varieties to Consider

Note, it’s not a written rule that you must take supplements to build muscle. But, it’s a wise choice to incorporate them into your fitness plan as they amplify the results of your diet and training, inching you closer to your fitness goals. To make sure you get the most of any of the supplements listed above, make sure you purchase from the best quality supplement brands such as Nutrithority. 

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