Moms, Dads & Grads Gift Guide 2022

Updated on January 28, 2023

The months of May and June can sometimes catch gift-givers off guard. With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, as well as high school and college graduations, there are suddenly many people to shop for in your life in such a short time span.

To help our readers, Senior Outlook Today has prepared its 8th Annual Gift Guide for Moms, Dads and Grads:

Anker Innovations

The graduation season is here! Remove that “Congratulations” mug from your Amazon cart. 

Gift them something they actually want. Like, say, a Nebula projector, portable speaker, phone accessories, or other awesome item from Anker Innovations! 

Anker projectors are the perfect gifts for the newly graduated. For one, they’re ultra-portable, easily slipping inside a pocket, backpack, or suitcase. Rather than hauling a TV up several flights of stairs to their tiny new apartment, they can simply pop one in their luggage. 

To celebrate graduation check out a couple of these gift suggestions from Anker.

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Pocketalk Plus Language Translator


Pocketalk unlocks new possibilities as the only two-way translation device enabling authentic, accurate communication for 82 languages. 133 countries supported including: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, UK, and Vietnam.


Truly immerse yourself in the culture without the fear of not being able to communicate in the same language. Pocketalk is built with a conversation in mind making it the perfect travel companion as you travel off the beaten path.


Pocketalk makes a great study companion whether you need to practice your pronunciation or spot check a quick translation. There’s also a role play feature to learn English & Chinese with more languages to come.


Last year, Pocketalk committed to donating 600 units to first responders and medical providers in response to current health crisis. However, due to widespread interest and overwhelming response to the Relief Program, an additional 250 units were donated resulting in over 850 Pocketalk Voice Translators in 41 States across America.

  • 4.8″ × 2.6″ × 0.45″
  • NEW Camera Feature
  • Built-in 2 Year Data Plan
  • Noise-Cancelling Dual Microphones
  • Intuitive Touchscreen Navigation
  • Average translation speed: 0.6 seconds (may vary depending on environments)

Available on Amazon.

John Wayne Grit

Daily Inspiration and Frontier Wisdom for Men
Find Inspiration, Peace of Mind and Duke’s Bold Confidence Every Day
John Wayne Grit is a collection of lessons, affirmation and reflections for men inspired by the words and films of John Wayne. Each page begins with either a quote from John Wayne, a quote from one of his friends, family members or peers, or an insightful summary of one of the key movies in his filmography. The theme or idea suggested by the quote or summary will inspire a full-page exploration of the theme and examine how it might inspire, inform or otherwise enrich the reader’s life.
Entries focus on everything from independence and self-sufficiency to family, fatherhood, courage and honor. An invaluable source of daily affirmations for men with an interest in how John Wayne lived his life and how they can live by his example to be more independent, honorable and self-sufficient.
A beautiful gift for any man in your life, especially for Father’s Day and Graduation. Readers will find something new to enrich their lives every day and make them better, stronger, more self-confident men.

Vim + Vigor Candle Co.

Phoenix Candle Maker finds Purpose in Repurposing

Phoenix-based Vim + Vigor Candle Co. does some interesting things with “repurposing” by combining 100% natural soy wax and fragrance combinations with unique, pure copper and natural wood vessels. All candles are handcrafted and poured in the U.S.A.

Repurpose the 100% pure copper container after the wax has burned by simply freezing the container overnight. Once frozen, customers can easily (and gently) chip away any wax remnants and then rinse with a little dish soap and hot water. They make a great bathroom or desk accessories, tea light holders, vases, or even Moscow mule mugs.  

Check out

San Diablo Artisan Churros


New Churro Fiesta in a Box Brings Family and Friends Together to Enjoy a Unique and Delicious Culinary Experience at home — with Fresh Homemade Churros, Every Party Becomes a Fiesta!

Local, Utah-based San Diablo Artisan Churros (San Diablo) quickly shifted their catering and food truck business model during the Pandemic to create the ultimate at-home churro-making DIY kit, “Churro Fiesta in a Box”, to bring happiness nationwide during a difficult time in the form of yummy sugary goodness.

San Diablo Artisan Churros (San Diablo), the premier global purveyor of gourmet filled churro experiences at special events, celebrations and at home, announces the “Churro Fiesta in a Box”—the ultimate at-home churro-making DIY kit that has everything you need to turn any gathering into a fiesta. With the launch of the box, San Diablo Artisan Churros easily empowers the re-creation of favorite churro memories (and making new ones) in the comfort of home, making it the perfect gift for travelers, churro lovers, foodies, clients, team members, cultural enthusiasts and the person who has everything.

San Diablo is perfect for any Moms, Dads & Grads Gifts and Celebrations! 

Each beautiful black pinstriped “Churro Fiesta in a Box” kit includes San Diablo’s gourmet churro maker kitchen gadget, just-add-water dry churro dough mix, signature cinnamon sugar, and reusable filling bottle. A QR code provides buyers with access to a free e-book of recipes with 40 different filling flavor ideas and our made-from-scratch dough recipe in gluten-free and vegan versions. A one-page Fiesta Planner with games, party ideas, churro challenges, fun facts and wearable party supplies like devil’s horns and angel halo, complete the experience. The churro maker, dry mix, sugars and fillings are also available for individual purchase or to double or triple your churro production in “Refill packs.”

In addition to the new Churro Fiesta in a Box, other churro-making products include:

  • San Diablo’s Churro Maker, a gourmet kitchen gadget with 9 interchangeable nozzles, including San Diablo’s signature hollow nozzle. 
  • San Diablo’s signature sugars mixes: the classic sugar and freshly-ground cinnamon mix, cinnamon sugar diablo style with cayenne powder, cinnamon sugar inferno style with habanero powder, and the Black Label La Muerte — an extremely spicy cinnamon sugar with ghost pepper powder.

All of San Diablo Artisan Churros products are available at and the Churro Fiesta in a Box is available on Amazon

Nepal Tea Collective Launches QR Code Labels

Organic Tea Distributor Pledges to Bring

More Transparency to the Tea Industry

Nepal Tea Collective, an award-winning public benefit corporation that distributes fresh organic teas worldwide, now includes QR codes on all product labels.  When scanned with smart phones, the QR codes offer information on the farm where the tea leaves were grown and when the particular bag of tea was plucked, packaged and shipped. The QR codes are part of Nepal Tea’s pledge to bring more traceability and transparency to the tea and herb industries.  

“The tea industry is ripe for disruption.  There are way too many middlemen creating little to no value at all.  They’re depressing the income for the farmers and degrading the quality and freshness of tea for consumers,” said Nishchal Banskota, Founder and CEO of Nepal Tea Collective.  “We believe consumers deserve to know exactly where their tea comes from and whether or not it’s single-origin.  We think of ourselves as a movement to reinvent the tea supply chain and make it more sustainable.”

Nepal Tea Collective currently offers a selection of organic black, green, oolong and white teas, as well as gift boxes and bundles.  All teas are packed at origin in biodegradable bamboo pouches, which are locally handmade.

About Nepal Tea Collective

Nepal Tea Collective is a public benefit corporation that distributes fresh teas, organically grown and packed at origin in Nepal, throughout the United States and worldwide.  Teas are from four different small-holder farms in Nepal.  Nepal Tea Collective aims to bridge the gap between tea farmers and customers by moving past the middlemen and working directly with producers.  Nepal Tea Collective makes the tea farm to table supply chain traceable and transparent.  Each package is labeled with a QR code that can be scanned for info about where, how and when the tea was produced.  For more information please visit Follow Nepal Tea on Facebook @nepalteacollective.

From Couch Potato to Endurance Athlete

9781782558842 From Couch Potato

If you think you are too old, too overweight, or non-athletic to compete in 5K, a triathlon, or an endurance event, think again.

We’d like to introduce you to Hilary JM Topper of Merrick, NY. Topper’s book, From Couch Potato to Endurance Athlete: A Portrait of a Non-athletic Triathlete is hitting shelves this August and is the perfect book to inspire anyone to overcome their past, push past their boundaries, and change their life for the better.

Hilary’s book chronicles her journey from almost failing high school gym as a teenager to learning how to swim, bike and run as a middle-aged woman. Read how she overcame life’s obstacles from injuries and business trouble to grief/loss and everything in between. Hilary has now completed countless endurance sports competitions including a 5.5+-mile marathon swim, 50-mile bike ride, half marathons, aqua runs, and dozens of Olympic and sprint triathlons across the country.

More details can be found here:

National Geographic Kids Books

This season, National Geographic Kids Books is featuring four Summer-themed books that will help bookworms-to-be “blossom” and spark their curiosity for getting outside and enjoying all the wonders of nature that this season has to offer. From a sturdy, “bug-y” board book to a pre-reader about ponds to picture books about baby animals and plants, these titles are a great way to start cultivating a growing love of reading that will last a lifetime.

Little Kids First Board Book: Insects (hardcover, ages Baby-2 years)

“Beautiful artwork, just enough info, and winning subject matter.” – Kirkus

Designed to be the stepping stone to the best-selling National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book series, the Little Kids First Board Book series takes similar big subjects and distills them down to the simplest nonfiction concepts for the youngest audience. 

Bursting with vivid photos, each spread in this sturdy book features a fascinating insect or spider, along with supersimple facts and lively, age-appropriate language to keep babies and toddlers―and their grown-ups―engaged. With their bright and playful design, awesome photography, clear text, and cues to encourage interactive learning, the Little Kids First Board Books take a fresh new approach to make learning about nature and science fun.

NG Readers: In the Pond (Pre-Reader) (paperback, ages 3-5)

Expertly vetted, the National Geographic Readers series has drawn high critical praise from the likes of School Library Journal (“Highly Recommended”) and Booklist (“Reliable in format and solid in execution, this series works well to introduce children of varying levels of reading comfort to nonfiction and research formats.”). 

If you visited a pond, what would you see? In this fun Pre-reader, young readers will learn all about ponds and the ducks, turtles, frogs, and other animals that call these watery habitats home.

Little Kids First Big Book of Baby Animals (hardcover, ages 4-8)

Newest addition to the best-selling series! From panda cubs and prairie dog pups to beluga calves and fuzzy flamingo chicks, meet more than 40 animal babies from every corner of the globe and find out how these wee wild ones are born, where they live, what their families are like, how they get their food, and how they learn to do things on their own―all the things that are important to young humans, too!

Features include:

·         A map that shows where these animals are found in the wild

·         Questions in each chapter that encourage interactive learning

·         Simple text for reading aloud or for beginning readers

·         Engaging photography of real animals in their habitats

·         Parent tips that extend the experience beyond the book

A Seed is the Start (hardcover, ages 6-9)

“Engaging text and crisp nature photography…..Stewart weaves fascinating facts about specific plants into a cohesive and sequential narrative that covers each step of the life cycle.” – School Library Journal

Beautiful photography and lyrical text pair with comprehensive picture captions in award-winning author Melissa Stewart’s story about the surprisingly diverse world of seeds. Learn all about the plant cycle, from how seeds grow, the fascinating ways they travel, and what it takes for a seed to become a plant. Complete with an illustrated glossary and back matter featuring more resources, this book inspires wonder as it encourages budding botanists of all ages to look with new eyes at plants and their seeds.

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