6 Easy Online Jobs That Require Less Time or Experience

Updated on May 8, 2022
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Most online jobs don’t need a lot of experience to start making money online. They also require less time to get started than most people think. In fact, many people who took our survey said that at least one of these 6 Online Jobs is perfect for them.

We all have a million things to do, places to be and people to see. What I’m about to reveal to you is a list of legit and easy online jobs that don’t require you to quit your job.


Tutoring is another simple job that requires less time and experience. Tutors are needed for many different subjects, including math and science.

You can get paid for tutoring by using services like Tutor.com or WyzAnt. You can also advertise yourself as a tutor on Craigslist or other websites.

If you have a particular subject you excel at, such as calculus or biology, you can even set up your own website to advertise your services.

In addition to teaching classes at a university level, professors are often asked to write books and articles about their field of study. These publications are often used as textbooks in college courses across the world.

Customer Service Representative

If you have a friendly, outgoing personality, you may want to consider becoming a customer service representative. Customer service representatives interact with customers over the phone or online to help them resolve issues and answer questions about products and services.

The average salary for a customer service representative is about $32,000 per year. However, the pay can vary depending on the company and location.

Here are some examples of companies that hire customer service representatives:

  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Best Buy
  • Fidelity Investments


Transcriptionists are responsible for converting audio files into written text. This job requires a keen ear and attention to detail, but it’s an excellent entry point into the freelance world as there is little experience or training required.

Transcription companies like Rev, Scribie, and AccuScribe typically hire freelancers on a per-file basis. You can expect to make between $10-$20 per hour, depending on the length of the audio file you’re transcribing and the length of time it takes you to complete it.

Some transcription services offer bonuses for fast turnaround times or high-quality work, so it’s worth submitting your best work to these sites as often as possible to maximize your earnings potential.

As with all freelance jobs, there are no guarantees when it comes to making money from transcription — even if you’re doing well at one company, that doesn’t mean another will be any different.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is one of the best jobs for people who want to work at home and earn money through the internet. It requires basic computer skills and knowledge of MS Office.

If you are looking for a job that will enable you to work from home and make money online, then virtual assistant jobs are perfect for you. You can work as a virtual assistant with or without experience and there are many companies offering these jobs.

Virtual assistants perform various tasks online such as writing emails, making phone calls, scheduling appointments, updating social media accounts, creating blogs, etc. You can find virtual assistant jobs on websites like Upwork or Freelancer.


Captioning is the process of adding captions or subtitles to a video. It is often done by having two people working together: one who types the words and another who listens to the audio, so that they can type what they hear in real-time. The captioner will listen to the audio while watching the video and type what they hear into a text editor. They will also use any visual cues in the movie such as facial expressions or gestures, to help them get the timing right.

The most common type of captioning job is for live media events like news broadcasts and sports games. This type of captioning requires a lot of attention and quick typing skills, so it’s not ideal if you’re looking for a job that requires less time or experience.

Captioners work from home with an internet connection and an up-to-date computer system (Windows 7 or later). You’ll need a good headset with noise cancellation capabilities for listening to the audio, as well as high-quality headphones for listening to your own voice while speaking into your microphone. You’ll also need good typing skills and good eyesight.

Data Entry Clerk

Working as a data entry clerk is one of the easiest online jobs you can get. All you need to do is enter data from scanned documents into a computer system. It’s not rocket science, but it does require attention to detail and a willingness to work with the clock.

If you’re looking for an online job that you can do from home and only requires a few hours per week, this could be the one for you!

There are many companies out there hiring people to be data entry clerks. Some of them only require that you have access to a computer and Internet connection (free or paid), while others may also ask for some sort of experience working on computers or typing skills.


Believe it or not, there are plenty of online jobs such as captcha entry jobs that can be performed from the comfort of your home on your own schedule. As long as you’re comfortable with what you’re doing and are willing to provide excellent service for a fair price, you have nothing to worry about. Good luck!


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