Make Sure Your Relationship Lasts By Doing These 5 Things

Updated on March 31, 2020

Finding one special person to spend the rest of your life with is pretty tricky. The thing is that the concept of meeting ‘the one’ can be just another fairytale for girls and boys. 

All people are different, with their own fears and hopes. And finding a person who thinks and behaves the same way you do is just impossible. However, you can work on your relationship and grow as a couple. 

Behind every long-lasting relationship, there are a lot of compromises and efforts. If you truly want your current relationship to last longer than three years, learn how to do these things:

Be friends

Marrying your best friend is probably one of the greatest things that can happen to you. If you two were friends before becoming a couple, you’ve already got it. However, if you started your relationship influenced by happy hormones, you still need to work on your friendship. 

To do so, you should build trust in your relationship. Your partner should not be afraid of showing how vulnerable they can be. It’s also fine if you don’t hide from your loved one when having a bad day. 

Friendship is all about support, fun, and shared interests. You might not be a huge fan of sports or cosmetics, but it doesn’t mean you can say to your partner, ‘I don’t care about it, talk to your friends.’ Make an effort and try to understand why they like certain things. 

You don’t need to behave like your partner’s parent or child. Be their friend in the first place. 

Push your sexual boundaries

Keeping it fresh in the bedroom will help you to prevent boredom in the relationship. To make it work, you need to explore your sexuality first and then ask your partner to do the same. There are so many things that you can do together – buy sex dolls, vibrators, or anal plugs, have sex in new positions and places, etc. 

Sexually satisfied people don’t look for opportunities to cheat on their partners. So, don’t be afraid to push your sexual boundaries and try completely new things in order to keep the spark alive!


It’s important to understand that no one, including your significant other, can read your mind. That’s why you need to have an honest conversation with your partner. If there is something that disturbs you, let your loved one know about it so that you can solve a problem together. Bottling your true emotions up can lead to depression and uncontrolled anger. 

You need to learn how to communicate with your partner. You might have different styles when it comes to fighting, for example. That’s why you need to establish some rules from the very beginning. For instance, never go to bed angry or  never raise your voice. 

When having an open conversation, don’t blame your partner, but tell them what worries you. Remember that communication is a skill that you have to practice through your life. 


People in committed relationships know that compromising is a crucial part of love. It doesn’t mean that you will always have to ignore your own needs in order to avoid getting into an argument with your loved one. Sometimes you will have to say no and do your own thing. In any case, you need to show your partner that you take their opinion into account. 

Also, let your partner know that you expect them to do the same for you. In case you can’t find a middle ground with your loved one, make sure to explain your reasons. 

Keep your individuality

Spending every single day with your partner can be a disaster. To keep a spark alive, you need to work on bringing some novelty into the relationship. That’s why it’s crucial to keep your individuality.

Being with someone you love so deeply is great, but it doesn’t mean you need to skip meetings with your friends or stop working on your career. If you keep improving and growing as a person, your partner will always find you interesting. 

So, don’t hesitate to go on vacation with your friends or spend weekends with your parents from time to time. That’s how you can restore your energy and give your significant other some space. 

The bottom line

If you want to build your life with one special person, you need to work hard on your relationship. Meeting the one might be impossible, but becoming the one is just a matter of time. 


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