Improve Elderly Health with these Age Approved Exercise Regimens

Updated on May 26, 2021
3 Important Exercise Benefits for Seniors

As the body ages, many changes take place. The bones subsequently get weaker, and the immunity to resist various diseases decreases too. We all know that exercising has scores of benefits. Undoubtedly, be it either young or the elderly. Everyone needs to have a fitness routine. According to medical professionals, it is vital to regularly incorporate about 150 minutes of active regimen to stay healthy and fit. 

In fact, exercising can help to enhance the body’s strength and give energy. Not only it aids in physical fitness, but it also results in mental wellness. Various researches have also found out that it adds to greater life expectancy. And even the elders can yield very good results from a very good and regular exercise routine.

It is said that having a daily routine consisting of some form of physical fitness can help ease out symptoms of many chronic health conditions. They help not only with the body’s bones and muscles but also help in the stability and happiness of the mind. If you are looking for a fitness plan that could help the elderly, then keep reading on.

Note: The exercise regimens discussed are privy to personal discretions. You should always seek medical guidance before embarking on any particular routine for yourself. 


As people age, signs of Sarcopenia(muscle loss) and Osteopenia(bone loss) begin to show up. This generally results in issues like body instability and stiffness. Thus, yoga goes a long way to help strengthen bones and various muscles in the body. 

Apart from that, it contributes a lot in reducing stress and helps in improving sleep quality. Stretching the body alleviates chronic pains and aches. As it is a mood booster, the combination of meditation, movements, and breathing are largely rewarding. A yoga practicing person thus would also be less susceptible to depression.  


Parks can be seen being abuzz with older people in early mornings and evenings. And that is for a reason as walking every day helps to maintain body weight. It is also an excellent medium to lower the risk of heart diseases, strokes, colon cancers, and diabetes. 

It is equally beneficial for people with hypertension as it helps reduce high blood pressure too. All in all, it helps to keep the elderly confident and happy. 

Using an elliptical machine at home is a great way to keep your legs moving during the winter months, when it may be too cold or slippery to walk outside. You can adjust the resistance settings to get the right workout for you.

Vibrating Machines

Health issues like Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Dizziness, Fatigue become synonymous with old age. And some of these conditions can be very hard to endure with several pre-existing conditions. Hence, going in for whole body vibration machines or massage equipment can be of great help. They are a perfect exercise tool for people who cannot go out of their homes to work out. These are a great help in dealing with hip pains, incontinence, varicose veins, and many such health issues. 

Aerobic Classes 

Aerobic exercises bear lots of fruits for seniors. These workout routines aim to work on the muscles responsible for pumping oxygenated blood from the heart to the other working muscles. This helps to stimulate regular breathing and sustain the heart rate. The doctors suggest that including swimming, gardening, cycling, or jogging are just some aerobic activities that can help the elderly keep their best health. Plus, such activities are a great way to boost cardiovascular health and keep the blood pressure lowered. 

But that’s not all. Elders can gain a lot by including an exercising regimen in their daily life. 

Health Benefits of exercising at an old age 

There are a lot of health benefits of exercising at an old age. The following are the most common advantages seen in people. 

Getting Rid of Weight Problems 

The effects of having a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy habits, poor dietary choices, and various metabolic changes begin to become visible later. Slow metabolism and loss of muscle mass can sometimes result in a lot of weight gain at an old age. Thus, regular exercise greatly contributes to getting rid of weight problems and all other issues associated with them. 

Reducing the Impact of Age-Related Problems

Certain medical studies have shown that exercising in a routine positively impacts many age-related problems like dementia, memory loss, and other psychological illnesses. 

Participating in some of the other physical activities can help an aging person be physically fit and be mentally sharp. And not to forget, problems like blood sugar and cholesterol also decrease gradually with a consistent workout routine. 

Maintaining body balance and flexibility 

After a specific age, body flexibility and balance starts getting affected, and therefore, it becomes more important to exercise. Routines involving some comfortable weight lifting can help prevent bone density loss, leading to hip fractures and severe back problems. It helps in mobility and reduces swelling around the ankles. 

Enhancing Brain Functionality 

It is a fact that regular exercising helps to improve brain memory. The physical exercises are responsible for the rush of blood circulation in the body. They help increase the tiny blood vessels in the body responsible for bringing oxygen-rich blood to the part of the brain responsible for thought processes. 

The rapid development of new nerve cells increases the connections between the brain cells, resulting in better brain performance. 

Improving mood and sleep quality 

Health problems like constant irritability and insomnia are just a few of the age-related issues that majorly go undetected for most of the time. Many physiological and psychological changes take place around this time, but they can be improved with exercises. 

Chronic sleep disturbance is very prevalent, which results in mood swings and irritability. Thus, getting some exercise daily can help improve the quality of sleep and help the person stay cheerful.


The effects of daily exercising are too many to list in one place. Especially for the elders and the aged, physical fitness can help them retain their good health longer. Maintaining a fitness regime has both psychological and physical benefits. 

It keeps an older person in great shape and also helps to build mental alertness. Thus, irrespective of whether exercising has already been a part of life or not. It is never too late to start anew right away. 


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