Best Army Themed Games for Your Child’s Birthday Party

Updated on March 26, 2023
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One of the most fun things to do at any party, whether it is your birthday or Halloween, is to dress up! When kids do it, it just makes everything better. Themes have become one of the most popular ideas for any sort of party, and especially for birthday parties that everyone around the world is looking to top the next guy on his or her birthday themed idea.

It seems everything has been done, even alphabets! – dress up to the theme of something beginning with A, or B, and so on. But all is not lost, we have one of the most enjoyable themes that some may never have thought of, until now, so grab the idea while you can and get ready for your kid’s next birthday because we’re about to go to war!…we’ll not literally.

So how do you put one together? Well, the first step is to hire out or buy the clothes for your kids, perhaps a soldier’s uniform or a sergeant’s jacket, or dress them up as a tanker too. Then you need to de decorate the place, with flags, and green army hanging decorations and green confetti, and don’t forget the army themed cake! Then you organize some games, and we have a few for you to choose from below.

Army Themed Games A Birthday Party

 There is an assortment of games one can choose to play at any party, some involve game boards where up to 4 people can play, while others include hiding and seeking or the typical jumping castles which can keep kids busy for hours. But when you have a themed party having the appropriate games to match makes everything worthwhile! Where to start? check out these fun games and also the ones we have included below.

Start with War Games

What’s a military-themed party without war games?  Usually, the best way to describe it is two or three sides go into battle and the one left standing is the winner. Grab yourself some cool military plastic toys like guns, grenades, nets, and get your camouflage on and go for it!! 

Always make sure there is nothing harmful or sharp in their toys. Plastic has often been found to be extremely harmful not just to us but to the environment as well and takes decades to decompose if at all, so try and make your own if possible. Use cardboard or papier mâché. 

Adult supervision may be needed so the kids don’t take out each other too soon and they can add some other rules to the game to enhance it and make it more adventurous. Also, put down a mattress so they don’t get hurt when wrestling to the ground. Then the one who gets dropped tags in another opponent, until he loses, and so on. 

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Off to The Races

Throwing in some relay races or running competitions is also a good idea for keeping the kids active, and running is good for them so it’s a win-win. Make it slightly tough for them and choose an uneven terrain. Throw in some obstacles in the middle like a big box that resembles a boulder they need to climb over or a bucket of goods they need to carry.

A fake gunshot will start the race and a ribbon at the end will decide who the winner is. And the prizes can be treats or party [acks with a mixture of cool items such as sweets, fake guns and sunglasses or books, and crayons. There are tons of ideas online to make a cheap and easy DIY party pack, so you don’t need to splurge out on too much for it. Everyone loves a party pack!  

Military Eating Competition

Layout a few hot dogs on a plate for 3 kids, and watch them go! Time them and see who gets all three chewed and swallowed in the quickest time! Don’t forget to give them juice or water to help them swallow, and don’t overdo it, depending on their age you can give them just a few.

Military Image Puzzle Games

Grab a war-themed puzzle game or two for them to have some downtime after eating all those hotdogs. Let them build it from scratch, perhaps in separate teams of 2 each or individually, and time them to see who can finish theirs first. 

As per the above, there are tons of ideas to make your military war-themed birthday party a smash! 


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