4 Easy Ways to Treat Diarrhea Effectively

Updated on January 11, 2022

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Diarrhea is a problem that requires no introduction, and most people experience it at some point in their lives. Loose, watery bowel movements can be the result of a virus, or something you ate the night before. Whatever the case, it can lead to discomfort. In most cases, diarrhea manages to solve itself over the course of a few days, if not a matter of hours. In some instances, though, symptoms can persist for longer. In these more severe cases where the problem doesn’t subside on its own, there are a number of home remedies that can be used to speed up recovery and make you more comfortable.


When you are suffering from diarrhea, your body loses a lot of water, so it is essential that you rehydrate to replace those lost fluids. However, it’s not just water that leaves your body, but electrolytes such as sodium and chloride. You’ll need to replenish these in order to support recovery and prevent dehydration, which is especially dangerous for children and the elderly.  In addition to water, it’s wise to take an oral rehydration solution that contains salt and sugar, which helps your body absorb fluids more easily. 


The last thing you’ll want to do if you are suffering from a bout of diarrhea is to eat. However, keeping your strength up will speed up your recovery. Small and frequent meals are the best approach when you are tackling diarrhea. Try to include fruit, vegetables and protein in your meals as well as foods with electrolytes such as miso soup. Some people find that a liquid diet consisting of soups and smoothies is helpful when it comes to settling the digestive system. 

Take Probiotics

Probiotics are microorganisms that help to keep your digestive system healthy by supporting your gut function and helping to fight off infection. You’ll find that probiotics are found most commonly in yogurts as well well as other fermented foods. Failing that, probiotic supplements are another option. With regard to diarrhea, probiotics can significantly speed up recovery. 

Over-the-Counter Medicine

You’ll also find that there are plenty of over-the-counter medications available for the treatment of diarrhea. You can simply head to your local pharmacy or shop online as reputable suppliers like wellspringmeds.com. Imodium is known to reduce symptoms and speed up recovery. However, it is important not to take any medication if your diarrhea is bloody or accompanied by a fever. In these cases, it is best to seek medical help. 

Diarrhea is highly unpleasant, but the upside is that it often sorts itself out fairly quickly. However, it’s never a bad idea to know how to handle the situation and speed up your recovery. Diarrhea can take a toll on your body, so rest is paramount, especially in the most severe cases. Remember to start by rehydrating and refueling appropriately and then consider taking supplements, probiotics and over-the-counter medicines. If you find that none of these work or your symptoms escalate, then see a doctor without delay.


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