Do Not Waste Your Summer – Activities and More

Updated on September 10, 2018

Summer is the best season for many reasons. It is a season when nature is at its grandest and summers allow bodies to rejuvenate and refresh. Studies also suggest that the summer season is best for the mind and it also allows people to explore the environment around them in relative comfort.

Unfortunately, nowadays people tend to spend more time indoors and many families are missing out on the joys of this patch of the year. Here are some of the many reasons why you should step out and engage in recreational summer activities.

A Season that Celebrates Life

Summer is the time to get active and for good reason. A very insightful research sheds more light on something we have always suspected. Summer is a season where the body heals faster and people are less likely to fall into serious illness. Heart disease seems to rear its ugly head when the weather gets colder – but it has more to do with the lifestyle restraints of the season rather than the cold. Summertime allows you to be more active and exercise outdoors.

This is a huge factor in keeping people healthy. Regular strolls in the park and short summer hikes go a long way in improving the health of your ticker and you should utilize the season as much as possible.

Summer is also the season when your body cleans up. If you step out in the summer and engage in an activity, you are bound to sweat more than the usual amount. This is your skin clearing out bacteria and fungi that might cause dermatological problems. It also opens up the pores and prevents acne. The more you sweat the more water you should drink.

Constant dehydration also helps in detoxifying the body. So that is one more reason for you to leverage the summer conditions with some workout. There are so many activities which you can relish during the summer. If you are looking for recommendations, check out this page –

For those who live in places that experience brutal or long sunless winters, summer is even more important. This is the only season when you can get your required dose of Vitamin D – a nutrient that helps in slowing down the aging process and well as boost the immune system.

A Season for Foodies

If you love culinary adventures then summer is going to be your favorite season. Apart from verdant scenery, nature is at its generous best when it comes to fruits and vegetables. This is the season when you can tuck into fresh and local produce at the cheapest prices. Summer is a great time to experiment with different fruit salad and dessert recipes.

From a nutritional aspect – summer fruits are packed with vitamins and antioxidants. The sheer amount of healthy, fresh and tasty fruits and vegetables available means that you enjoy a balanced diet and keep yourself fit.  Apart from fruits, herbs and greens – summer is also the season for omega-3 infused wild salmon, soft-shelled lobsters, blue crabs, mussels, clams and gulf shrimp.

Destinations Galore

When we talk about summer, we cannot ignore vacations. Vacations allow you to give yourself a break from the stress and monotony of daily routines and responsibilities. Vacations are a happy occasion and are very important in keeping your morale and moods up for the rest of the year. They are fulfilling experiences which also inspire you to do more for yourself.

A vacation can also help you recharge your working brain and gives you the confidence and eagerness to hit the ground running when you get back. Let’s not forget that vacations are the best time for family bonding.  All these factors combine to help you achieve contentment and a good lifestyle – all thanks to summer. During this most recreational of seasons, there are some very iconic destinations which you can explore.

Summer allows you to go to places that would otherwise be impossible to visit. Think of Alaska, one of the great wild frontiers left on this planet. An otherwise impossible place to experience in winter for visitors, Alaska in summer is a visual and natural spectacle that will be a lifetime memory for those who visit. It is a season when nightlight is akin to twilight, a surreal experience that only those who venture far north can experience. It is also a great time to see up close – the vibrant wildlife of the sub-Arctic regions. The dramatic views of Denali National Park are world famous.

Back south, the Colorado Rockies are the most welcoming during the summer. Denver offers a mix of the best cosmopolitan luxuries – a vibrant nightlife and shopping scene – with the most charming natural scenery. Some of the summer adventure activities you can try out in the Rockies include all-terrain biking, hiking, and rafting. Milwaukee is another recommended summer destination – home to one of the longest music festivals of the year amongst other cultural highlights.

Enjoy the Season While it Lasts

Summer gives us access to healthier food and it also gives us more opportunities to enjoy outdoor recreation. But that is not all about this season. There is a reason why so many of our favorite coming-of-age movies and stories are set in a nostalgic summer. This season has an emotional effect on us for very instinctive reasons.

Throughout human civilization, summer has always been the most revered season – a time of regeneration and a phase of the year when life blooms all around us. There is a universal acknowledgment for this season – evident in many festivals and rituals across the world.

As the warm season winds down, do not look back in regret for not taking part in the multitude of joys that come once a year. Each season is beautiful – a year is not complete without the colors of fall or the stark beauty of winter – but summer remains the best stage for adventure, fun and healthy experiences. Make plans, step out and be open to new experiences.


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