How to Increase the Value of Your Home on a Budget

Updated on August 28, 2019

Small fixes can go a long way in fetching a better price for a property you’re trying to sell. If you’re not too keen to spend a lot of money sprucing up a house you’ve put on the market, here are some inexpensive fixes that will increase the resale value of your home, curated from tips and tricks offered by seasoned real estate experts.

Make it spacious

No, you don’t need to knock down walls or make other big structural changes to make your rooms look spacious. Simply think out of the box: move furniture, remove the kitchen island, place mirrors on walls facing the windows, and replace opaque curtains with delicate sheers.

If you can indeed take down a wall that only serves as an obstruction to a fluid space, remember that it will only add to the value of your home. The idea is to make your space look airy and open so that it will appeal to potential buyers.

Make it well-lit

A well-lit and clutter-free home always earns brownie points with home buyers, and nothing adds to the visual appeal of a personal space than natural light. That said, not all your rooms may have windows and you may not have the budget to carry out big structural changes. An inexpensive way to enliven your rooms is by installing mood lighting with a dimmer switch.

Yet another option that does not cost a lot is to install tubular light pipes or the good old skylight on your roof to let in natural light. Also ensure that all electrical fixtures are working, with bulbs with appropriate wattage so that the light is neither too harsh nor too dull.

Ensure timely maintenance and repairs

Even if you know you’re going to move out soon, it does not help to leave broken appliances and fixtures ignored and unrepaired. An ignored leak in the bathroom, damaged insulation, an unkempt lawn, rusty fixtures, broken or creaky hinges—all of these don’t take more than a few hundred dollars to fix, but in top condition they could increase the value of your home by thousands of dollars.

Don’t ignore the exterior

While you fix the interiors, don’t forget that the façade of your home is the first thing a potential buyer will notice. So spend some time sprucing up the exterior walls, enliven the front door and porch, and get the garden in shape before you list your house. Add a deck if possible to interest discerning buyers looking for that something extra.

Keeping your home in top shape is sure to get you a better price, say experts. However, if the property needs more than minor upgrades and fixes and you don’t want to deal with the hassle of expensive repairs and maintenance and endless showings, find New Braunfels home buyers that will give you a good price for your home and purchase it instantly as-is, so that you can move on with your life as soon as possible.

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