Chemotherapy: 5 Things to Check As A Cancer Patient

Updated on April 16, 2020

Many people believe that Chemotherapy is the drug used to treat cancer patients. In real sense, Chemotherapy is the use of drugs to manage any disease. Before technology took over the healthcare industry, there was only one kind of medicine that was able to treat cancer. However, all this went away as scientists, analysts, and medical experts came up with different ways to treat cancer and other diseases. 

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Currently, Chemotherapy works by slowing down or stopping the growth of cancer cells. However, using Chemotherapy to treat cancer can also affect healthy cells. At times, the system may damage fast-growing cells like hair cells, mouth cells, and intestines. Chemo is mainly used in treating, controlling, and palliating cancer in patients. This article will help you in preparing yourself for any chemotherapy. 

Understand and familiarize yourself with the chemotherapy team. 

If you want the best personal care, you must have the best trained medical personnel. The team consists of a medical oncologist, oncology nurse, and other health care personnel. A medical oncologist is a doctor responsible for making chemo schedules and plans. Also, he is the one responsible for creating a medication. 

The oncology nurse offers advisory and caring services to cancer patients. If you have any questions, you can ask the nurse for answers. Besides that, the nurse provides consultation services to family members and friends. The nurse also keeps track of your well-being at the same time managing the drug’s side effects. Healthcare professionals always consist of social workers, nutritionists, pharmacists, and dentists. 

Meet the medical oncologist

After familiarizing yourself with the professionals, plan a day to meet the medical oncologist because every chemo involves a wide range of mixed drugs. 

It will be of great importance if you ask the side effects of the drugs they will administer to you and how you will feel after taking the medication. If there are any side effects, ask how you will cope with them. This will prepare you mentally, as you will be aware of what’s happening. At times, the side effects may have a severe impact on your body. Hence, it’s good to ask them how you can communicate if you experience any difficulty. Lastly, it’s good to know how private chemotherapy treatment will be of help in killing the cancer cells. 

Check whether you have a supportive friend.

On most occasions, patients tend to drive themselves for chemo if their first therapy succeeds. However, having a supportive buddy will help you in many ways. During the infusion, your chemo buddy can keep you company and make it easy for you. 

Also, it will be challenging for you to know whether you are undergoing a chemo reaction. Hence, having a friend will be of great importance as they will notify you of the effect before it gets worse. Furthermore, emotional support can be essential to you on your visits. Driving you to and fro and talking together can lift your spirits high.

Check on your diet

Before attending any chemo, it’s advisable to check in with your nutritionist on what to eat. After any chemo infusion, the drugs infused tends to slow down the bowel and digestion processes. Thus, digestion may take longer than usual. Also, most of the medicines used to stop patients from vomiting can cause constipation as well. Therefore, you are usually advised to eat high-fibre snacks and drink lots of water. 

Check and clear your schedules.

Before undertaking any chemotherapy, it’s okay if you talk to your boss to give you an off time. After any chemo, patients are usually advised to take some day rest and relax. Thus, you shouldn’t be planning to go to any event or engage in any activity. 


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