An Expert’s Guide: The 7 Best Ways to Take Kratom

Updated on September 6, 2021

An estimated 10 million people in the United States live with the chronic pain condition fibromyalgia. Their physicians offer them relief from their suffering through both synthetic and natural means.

They’re told to exercise regularly and eat cleanly and reduce stress. Others receive pain medication, often narcotics prescribed by their well-meaning physician.

Eastern medicine has made its way into the mainstream in the west, with Kratom, an effective herbal remedy to reduce pain, leading the way. Ninety percent of the kratom users surveyed by Pain News Network and the American Kratom Association called the herb “very effective” in treating their pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, opioid addiction, and alcoholism.

Those interested in finding a new way to treat their pain need to understand the different ways to take kratom

What Is Kratom? 

Kratom, also known as mitragyna speciosa, isn’t a new substance to the world. It’s existed for generations as a tree native to Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, and Thailand.

The kratom tree leaves, when consumed, distribute over 40 different psychoactive compounds. As a result, manual laborers who live and work near the trees have historically chewed the leaves to stimulate their tired bodies. 

The leaf is now armed from the trees, then cultivated, dried, and crushed into a fine powder.  

Health Benefits

While the FDA has yet to approve of this drug, a number of individuals have reported effective treatments using Kratom for restless leg syndrome, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. In short, kratom works well for pain relief and the problems that follow chronic pain. 

Nine Ways to Take Kratom

Kratom comes in two basic forms: dried leaves and powder. Just like the ingredients for any recipe, you have a variety of options on what to do with the leaves or powder.

Quick and Fast: Leaves

The original consumers of Kratom, those in central Asia, chewed on the leaves before kratom harvesters came in and began processing the leaves. Chewing on the leaves gives users an immediate effect. 

Toss and Wash

This method also puts the kratom into a user’s system almost immediately, but it requires a strong gag reflex. You take your dose or a partial dose of powdered kratom, toss it in the back of your throat, and then wash it down with your drink of choice.

If done correctly, the user will feel his dose quickly and efficiently.  

Drink Mix Method

If you just cannot stand the bitter taste of kratom, you have options. You can mix it into your favorite drink mix. Chocolate milk, Hawaiian punch, orange juice, pomegranate juice, and coffee all work well to mask the flavor. 

Orange juice has proven to be especially effective, as the acids in the juice extract more alkaloids from the plant. More concentrated alkaloids mean amplified effects.  


You can find suppliers that also offer kratom in capsule form. The capsules eliminate the taste completely, and you do not have to clean up any messes in the kitchen.

However, you may need more capsules to acquire the desired effects from the kratom. 

You always have the option of making kratom yourself as well, but you need a machine to do so. And if you’re looking for a mess-free, simple way to consume kratom, making your own capsules means you’ll still have a mess to clean up. ; 


To make kratom tea, you need a saucepan with a pouring spout, a coffee filter or strainer, water, your choice of kratom, and a lemon. 

Pour a half a cup of water into the saucepan, and then squeeze the lemon juice into the water to extract more alkaloids. Bring the water to a simmer, and then add the kratom. Simmer the kratom in the water for 20 minutes.

Put coffee filter or strainer over your favorite mug, and then strain the lumps out of your tea. Sit back and enjoy the medicinal effects. 

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A tincture is the extract of plant or animal material dissolved in typically a 20% ethyl alcohol concentration. 

You can consumer a tincture of kratom, but be aware: it is messy to make, and the result is powerful. Even just 10 drops have a powerful result. 

If you use a tincture, be aware of the changes in dosage, and start small. 


You can also create a kratom smooth. You just need a blender, a beverage of your choice, and kratom. For example, you can start with coconut milk, 3 grams of kratom powder, and a banana.

Bananas work especially well in combination with kratom because they have l-tyrosine, an amino acid that helps the brain release dopamine. 

You can also create a chocolate milkshake by adding the powdered kratom to chocolate milk and blending it like a smoothie. 


You can also add kratom into some foods such as sauces, yogurt, creams, and pastries. You may need to experiment to understand the right food-to-kratom ratio so you can adequately mask the bitter taste of kratom. 

Also, the effects of kratom may take a while if you mix it into food as your food need to break down first before the kratom enters your system. 

Gum and Tablets

Some companies produce both tablets (compressed kratom) and gum. Gum will have additives that make it gum, so it may not be as effective as straight-up kratom. 

To start making your own kratom creations, investigate where to buy kratom online.

Make the Kratom Effective

To experience the maximum benefits of kratom, start by staying hydrated. Kratom leaves dehydrate just like coffee does, so keep the water flowing when you’re taking kratom.

Also, learn about the different strains. Some kratom strains work better on empty stomachs, and others need food so you do not get sick.

To make kratom work most effectively, you need to get your blood flowing after you take the kratom. Go for a walk to increase blood flow and move the alkaloids throughout your system. 


Like anything you ingest, kratom has potential side effects.

To avoid problems with kratom, begin by understanding the quality of the kratom you’re purchasing. The quality depends on the supplier.

Also, know that every individual responds differently to kratom. Start with small doses, and then increase your dosage according to your response. 

Also, make sure you can legally ingest kratom in your state. The substance is not approved by the FDA, and it is banned in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin, Washington DC, Alton (Illinois), Sarasota County (Florida), and San Diego (California) currently. 

Medicate Responsibly

Whether you’re enjoying a kratom smoothie or some kratom brownies, as you appreciate the pain-relieving effects, make sure you ingest the kratom responsibly. Knowing the ways to take kratom opens the world of pain relief even more. 

To learn more about pain relief options, check out our blog. 

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