8 Tips To Buy Gold Jewelry Online Wisely

Updated on December 9, 2021

Gold jewelry is not just an addition to your styling collection but a long-time asset that you can pass onto the next generations. Since gold is one of the most precious metals, this is one investment that you should make with great care and intelligence. Being vigilant is all the more crucial if you are going to shop online because you cannot touch, see and feel the products physically until they are delivered to you. For example, when purchasing 22k gold jewelry it’s important to know exactly what you are looking for. However, the growing popularity of online websites that sell precious jewelry indicates that shoppers are investing their trust in them. A smart buyer is the one who goes an extra mile while buying expensive products on these sites. Let us list some useful tips to help you buy gold jewelry online wisely.

1. Find a trustworthy seller

When you explore the web, you will find hundreds of sites selling a range of precious jewelry for men and women. The first thing to do while choosing your shopping destination is to look for a reputed one. Go through online reviews and check out their contact details and history. Verify their physical address to ensure that they actually exist. Give precedence to sellers that have physical stores in your city so that you can get back to them if you experience any kind of problem after making the purchase.

2. Look for a website that deals in brands

Another useful tip to make online jewelry shopping a success is to buy from a site that sells branded products. When you buy branded gold jewelry, there is a guarantee of product purity that comes as a part of the package. Most reputed brands sell hallmarked jewelry and also provide quality certifications for the pieces you buy. Opting for brands becomes all the more important if you are buying studded jewelry that used precious stones along with gold in the design.

3. Ensure that you are buying the right size

Sizing is one factor that can be a big challenge for the internet shoppers, particularly if you are buying items such as rings and bracelets. Ensure that you go through the size specifications because a product that does not fit will have to be returned or exchanged. Go through the size specifications while exploring the products and compare them with your actual size. You can even seek the advice of your jeweler to find an item that fits perfectly. Conversely, size does not matter is you are buying a chain, earrings or pendant.

4. Check out their customer service as well

Another factor that you must consider while shopping gold online is the customer service of the website that you have chosen. Sites such as https://www.frostnyc.com/ offer reliable customer services to help you with the selection of products and also answer your pre-purchase and post-purchase queries. You can even check out whether the site has a financing option because there are several websites that do help you economize the purchase with such payment options. Read the reviews of real customers to learn about the mode of communication and turnaround time of the customer service desk.

5. Go through the product images and specifications

Since you can see the products only virtually, it is advisable to have a good look at the product images shown in the catalog. Zoom in the images to have a good look at the product and design. Check the links and fittings if you are planning to buy a studded piece. It is equally important to go through the specifications of the item, such as the weight and making charges. Take help from an expert to understand these facts if you have limited knowledge related to gold specifications. 

6. Have a careful look at the return and exchange policy

Understanding the exchange and return policy of the website is perhaps the biggest challenge that buyers come across. Having a careful look is more important if you are buying something expensive like gold. There are chances that you may like something on the site but the actual item may differ in appearance and you may want to exchange or return it. Read the return and exchange policy thoroughly to ensure that you will be able to do them easily if a need arises. Also, check their refund policy and confirm the expected period within which you will get your money back.

7. Compare a few options online

If you like a specific product, explore other websites that sell similar ones because you will find several sites offering it. Compare these options, with careful consideration of price and specifications. You may even find some good deals and offers at some sites. Wait for the festive period as this is the time of the year when most sellers come up with discount deals. Even after you get the product delivered, have it appraised from an expert to get a complete check of its purity and quality.

8. Verify the price and compare it with current price

Gold is a precious metal that has fluctuating prices, which vary from day to day. Shopping in-store is less challenging as the sellers inform you about the current price and bill the product according to it. But when you buy jewelry from a website, you need to check the current gold price and see if the piece(s) has been priced accordingly. Being aware of the price is important as you can ask the customer support representative to adjust the price if you are being overcharged. If you still have your doubts, get the pricing double-checked from a professional so that you are not taken for a ride.

Whether you shop for gold jewelry online or from a brand store, buy like an investor rather than as a shopper. The reason that gold is considered as a smart investment is that its prices elevate with the passage of time. This means that you actually buy a product that you can wear at present as well as enjoy the appreciation in its value in the future. 

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