4 Tips to finding the best massage training courses available

Updated on March 17, 2019
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Before becoming a professional massage therapist, it’s essential to have hands on training. When you are looking for the perfect massage course, there are several things to consider. Most of these will be your guide to ensuring that you are choosing a course that is marketable and worth the money you will spend on it.

With a good training course you also have a higher chance of landing a lucrative career as well as ensure that your career ladder is one that can advance consistently. Before choosing any massage training and paying for the courses, below are some tips to finding the best training course available on the market.

Know your intention

The first thing you need to do is to determine what you would like to achieve from the massage training course. Know why you want to learn massage. Is it for personal interest or your personal development so that you can turn it into a career?

Understand that whatever you intend to do with the skills, it’s not easy to be too specific with regard to the requirements for massage therapy continuing education, because there are several factors that determine which course to go for. These can include the licensing board in your area and in other areas, even the local requirements and also the licensing test you originally took for you to operate after you are through with your training.

Also, determine which massage style you would like to learn whether it’s a hard massage such as deep tissue massage or softer massage techniques. Some of the classes you can expect include ethics, business and marketing, advanced anatomy and physiology, pain theories, self-care training among others.

Check the school credibility

Because there are many massage training schools available, you need to enroll in a credible school. Find out how long the school has been in business as well as the teachers’ qualifications and course accreditation. If the school website doesn’t have much information, try to find any articles written by former students, go through social media pages and ask questions. Dave Taylor offers one of the top accredited massage training courses where you will get practical hands-on training and receive a fully recognised qualification.

Have a set budget

Some massage courses are irrelevant, especially when you are doing the course for personal interest. They will also cost you a lot of money for nothing. Check the different course prices since some schools are cheaper than others. Consider the quality of what you will get from the training. Do not base your judgment on the cost since there are still some cheap courses which are of high quality. But, also don’t go for a course that’s too expensive.


The Internet provides a lot of information about massage schools, accredited courses, and massage training instructors. Check those within your area or ask friends, family or colleagues if they know of any good massage courses. Also, you can ask your local massage therapist where they learned massage. They will be in a better position to recommend the best massage training courses.

Whether you want to help friends and family with minor problems that are solved by massage or want to add valuable skills to your own profession, you can get the best courses available. Afterward attend your training course in person and receive the necessary hands-on training you need.


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