The Impacts of Organic CBD in Pain Relief and Other Medical Conditions

Updated on September 13, 2020

CBD is largely in use now as a pain cure herbal medicine and recent studies also suggest that low-dose CBD is effective in reducing arthritis-related pains and also to treat anxiety and depression. The working of CBD is by inferring with the neurotransmitters which are linked to pain and also anxiety.

However, there are some clinicians also caution against the long-term use of CBD. In fact, with the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018, the legislation is now legalizing the use of hemp and also the compounds from a variety of cannabis plants.

CBD in pain relief

Many types of research on animals and minimally on a human had also shown reassuring results on CBD use in pain relief. Scientists also testify that CBD is found to be effective in treating various forms of epilepsy, but still, haven’t conducted large-scale human studies to prove how it works in managing pain. Animal studies were conducted, but these usually have limits.

A study which was published at the ‘European Journal of Pain’ shows that topical application of CBD significantly helps with lower arthritic pain and inflammation. In another study which was published in the same journal suggests that the use of low-dose CBD is found very effective in reducing anxiety as well as pain as it interferes with the neurotransmitters which are linked to the creation of both these troubles.

However, most of the studies point to the fact that cannabis pain relief involves THC also, which is used in combination with CBD for best effect. CBD must be learned more thoroughly by the clinicians and scientists to further go through the drug approval stages and then get certified by the regulatory authority to become commercialized. Even though some studies point out that CBD has been effective in reducing the symptoms related to cancer and cancer treatment side effects, more research needed to be done to prove its efficacy.

Why is CBD effective in pain relief?

As we have seen above, CBD is now largely sought after as an effective pain reliever. It is an alternate choice of many people who are suffering from arthritis pain and also pain from other common ailments. It is found to be effective in alleviating chronic pain, discomfort, and inflammation in many health conditions. Those who are suffering from multiple sclerosis also reported relief with the use of CBD oil capsules for pain.

The organic 1000 mg pain relief cream of CBD even helps the older adults to get pain relief from the common arthritic pains. Most of the people in this category may be suffering from debilitating pain at their legs with little relief from pharmaceutical drugs. With the use of organic 1000 CBD cream, there has been significant relieve in pain for many, which they consistently use. 

While using Cannabidiol, Terpenes, and Flavonoids, you can find quick relief actually with less amount of these compounds. It is ideal to start with a smaller dose and adjust accordingly to once a response to it. In some situations, for optimal results, you may have to incrementally increase the dosage of Rena’s Organic CBD for Pain.

Neuroprotective properties of CBD

Researches have shown that CBD has the ability to affect the endocannabinoid system of humans and influence on the brain signaling to offer relief in neurological disorders. In some studies, CBD is used to treat neurological disorders like multiple sclerosis and epilepsy, etc. Even though further researches are still ongoing in this area, many of the studies have shown very promising positive results already.

The oral sprays containing both CBD as well as THC have been found very safer and largely effective in reducing spasticity of muscles as a symptom of multiple sclerosis. Another study conducted showed that CBD compound could help reduce the muscle spasm too in MS, which is resistant to conventional medications. CBD also has some proven results for its effectiveness in the treatment of many neurological diseases.

Another large-scale study conducted on 214 people who have severe epilepsy with CBD oil had shown that their seizures have reduced significantly with its use. A study was also conducted on children suffering from Dravet syndrome which is a kind of epilepsy disorder at early childhood, in which CBD seems to help reduce seizures. However, it should also be noted that some people have adverse reactions with CBD like fever, diarrhea, and convulsions, etc.

In all these, irrespective of the condition of the sufferer, CBD helped to improve the overall quality of life as well as sleep quality, especially in people with troublesome conditions like Parkinson’s disease. Apart from these, more intensive animal studies and test-tube experiments have also shown that CBD can decrease inflammations and also help to block the neuro-degeneration related to Alzheimer’s disease.

Even though these researches are limited at this time, with its effectiveness shown in these, CBD is now further researched, and its impacts in various disease conditions are thoroughly studies. Along with Parkinson’s disease, CBD is now showing its effectiveness in Alzheimer’s and also psychosomatic disorders.

Heart health benefits

Many of the recent studies linked with CBD have shown its benefits in heart health and circulatory system also, including its ability to lower the blood pressure in hypertensive patients. Chronic high blood pressure is linked with many other health conditions like heart attack, stroke, or metabolic syndrome, etc. Studies have shown that CBD will be an effective natural treatment for controlling hypertension.

A study held on ten healthy individuals who were put on 600 mg of CBD oil have round to have reduced blood pressure against another group on placebo. The same study has conducted over stress test also which normally increase the blood pressure. The results were much more interesting that a single dose of CBD helped the men to attain only a lesser blood pressure increase during the test.

Even though many more human-related studies are needed to prove the effect of CBD in various adverse health conditions, it is proven that it practically helps to alleviate pain. So, the topical application of CBD oil for arthritis pain and acne related pain, etc. are found to be safe and highly effective as tried by people across the globe. In the coming days, we can expect more human-specific research results also to come out about the effectiveness of CBD, which could be officially approved in the treatment of many other diseases too.


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