Why You Need Mail Retargeting To Boost Sales

Updated on January 11, 2020

When you’re running a retail store or eCommerce, how do you attract more customers? Many potential buyers visit you for a short period and you never see them again. Nowadays, Mail Retargeting can help you capitalize on those lost leads and give you more business as it has become one of the most powerful tools used for increasing sales.

What is direct mail retargeting?

Generally, the process of email retargeting involves refining the information you have from your previous customers and visitors. You obtain the information through a cookie or pixel, which is a file placed in a web browser when a person visits a site. Retargeting focuses on upselling to those who have shown interest in certain products. It makes a good offer to people who already bought something from your eCommerce site. It also displays personalized pop-ups based on the current stage in the sales process the online users are. 

When do you use it?

Mail Retargeting can make a major impact in some circumstances. When there are many people who visited your website and did not take action, then you want to catch their attention again. When there is a high level of abandonment in your shopping cart, retargeting is a good way to address this concern. Also, when people download your lead magnet, you want to customize your promotions to them. 

Email retargeting is vital because research reveals that email customers bring up to 11% more profits compared to other types of customers. Therefore, doing some follow up, especially on people who are not completely engaged, means you do not leave any stones unturned and miss out on possible revenue.

Strategies for mail retargeting

  • Send emails quickly. It’s an effective way of executing an email campaign by using onsite retargeting. It’s important to send emails to your leads at least within an hour after they abandon your website. By doing this, they are likely to remember you again. 
  • Target options accurately. Make sure you show your offer to the right people. Otherwise, you would not get the effect that you intend. Mail retargeting is designed for people who are unsure, and not to those who have signed up and already shown interest. Use software to find out who are unsubscribed, inactive, or active, and create an email marketing campaign for every group. 
  • Personalize your retargeting. It’s crucial for the success of your eCommerce and marketing. Sending emails to your target market will give them an action to take. For example, send emails to certain people, reminding them that there are items in their shopping cart. Also, include a link that allows them to purchase immediately. 
  • Target offsite advertising. You can also use offsite ads in your retargeting strategy. For best results, target them by demographics, location, age, etc. 
  • Set aside current subscribers. It’s advisable not to include your existing subscribers from your email retargeting. Focus your campaign on people who are about to purchase and offer incentives. 

When it comes to mail retargeting, know that subscribers will respond differently to your campaign. So, create different email advertising to subscribers who already bought from your site and to subscribers who never bought anything. Determine the interests and needs of each group and create specific strategies to encourage them to return to your site and make a purchase.

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