How to Stop Artist’s Block With Serum Skins

Updated on December 3, 2019

You love making beats, creating music, or inspiring people to move to rhythms you create. Does any of this sound like you? If so, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re new to the world of music design or are a well-versed musical genius, Serum Skins can inspire you to produce sounds and beats you never thought possible.  

Artist’s Block Hits Every Musician 

Every artist has days, weeks, even months when the creativity faucet stops dripping. No matter how much you want to make music, there are those unexpected periods when inspiration is lacking and creating doesn’t happen. You might wake up with a fierce desire to make music, but you end up staring at your computer screen instead. Artist’s block is a challenge even the most talented people face, made even worse if you have subscribers, fans, or potential customers who are missing out because you lack the incentive. 

Never experienced this block? Then you’re in luck, so far. Nearly every musician faces this kind of block from time to time, and you might, too. 

The Secret to Feeling Inspired 

There’s a secret weapon to put a stop to this widespread challenge. The most famous musicians and greatest beatmakers know the secret tool that can turn the artist’s block into massive inspiration. Their secret is about to be revealed here. 

One of the most uninspiring aspects of making great music or beats is staring at the same drab screen day in and day out. What ignites imagination and energy in music composers all across the globe? Amazing Serum Skins! Sounds simple, right? Maybe it is, but the fact of the matter is, having an array of Serum Skins to use with your plug-ins can make the difference between conceiving brilliant music and sitting without doing anything.  

The Five Best Serum Skins 

Here are a few of the world’s most unique Serum Skins, made to turbocharge your musical imagination:


For the modern musician who loves the look of edgy city nightclubs, this skin’s dark dubstep vibe will awaken all your senses. Deep purple and hot pink energize even the most listless musician. 


Imagine the intensity you’d feel staring at a golden yellow, bright orange, and deep red sunset. Take those colors indoors, and you’re immersed in the world’s most invigorating room. Asteroid’s retro-futuristic vibe is perfect for re-igniting any composer’s passion. 


Wishing you felt whimsical or quirky, but not quite grasping that vibe? With various shades of pinks, blues, and pastels, Unicorn is the number one Serum skin for anyone who needs a little extra sweetness in his or her life. 


The Orchid Serum skin emanates a dubstep and trap vibe. One look at this skin will take any composer to a faraway land of exotic tropics and incredible beats. 


Or maybe you’d instead take it down a notch or two? Perhaps you don’t need to be jazzed up and invigorated at all. Instead, maybe you need a calm, luxurious vibe to help you remain focused and centered in the perfect zone to make your music. The Delicate skin will help you keep your plug-ins simple and clean, and prevent unwanted distractions. 

Stay Inspired 

There’s no need to suffer from artist’s block, to stare at your computer screen wishing you could make the beats or songs you’re capable of inventing. You can add never-ending energy and inspiration to your plug-ins easily, with the world’s most original Serum Skins. 


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