Ways to Remember a Lost Loved One and Honor Their Memory

Updated on December 10, 2019
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Coping with the loss of a loved one can be very emotionally taxing, and finding peace of mind during this time can be difficult. Because this time can be so hard, many people find rush through the grieving process, only to feel increased sorrow later when they find they haven’t given themselves adequate time to cope with the loss. Everyone’s grieving process looks different, and it’s perfectly fine to take as much time as you need to feel okay. The following ways to remember a lost loved one will ease the grieving process and help you keep their memory with you.

Create a digital photo album

One of the best ways to remember a lost loved one is to create a digital photo album of their most precious pictures. Digitizing old photos and prints will enable you to look back on your most treasured memories for many years to come. You can even crop, rotate, and recolor photos when necessary to bring each memory back to life with shining vibrancy. Once you have digitized the photos, you can place them in a digital photo album on a USB drive, CD, or Blu-ray disk or upload them to a cloud database. This will enable you to easily share these memories with everyone with the simple click of a button.

Make a donation in their honor

Sometimes the best way to pay homage to a lost loved one is to make a donation in their honor. Doing this will allow you to make perform one final act of kindness in their name while remembering all the moments of love and kindness you shared with them. If you’re unable to make a monetary donation in their honor, you can also donate your time. Volunteering at an organization that supports one of their passions or a cause that was close to their heart is a great way to honor their memory while giving back to your community.

Plant a living reminder

Planting a living reminder in your loved one’s name is a great way to ensure their memory will live on and continue to grow for many years to come. This living reminder can come in many forms. Peace lilies are popular plants for people looking to keep the memory of their loved ones indoors, while other families may choose to plant a tree in honor of their loved one. If you have a particularly green thumb, you may choose to create a memorial garden complete with your loved one’s favorite flowers, plants, and trees. This memorial garden can serve as a space for yourself and others to seek a moment of peace and quiet as you remember your loved one’s life.

Start a new tradition

Starting a new tradition in honor of your loved one is also a great way to celebrate their life and carry on their memory for many years to come. Each year on their birthday, consider hosting a celebration of their life. You can release balloons or lanterns in their honor, spend the day doing their favorite activity, or cook their favorite food. 


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