Top 5 Attractions to visit in New York

Updated on March 30, 2020
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By João Santos

Known as the Big Apple, New York City is a cosmopolitan giant. A city that never sleeps and offers day and night attractions for those who want to enjoy leisure days.

Among dozens of places to visit museums, world-renowned restaurants, Hollywood scenes that are in the imagination of travelers, centers that are a reference in the world of fashion, among many other attractions.

It is always worth watching and take advantage of the best dates to purchase tickets to New York because the city has incredible attractions throughout the year. If you are heading there for a casual weekend away, here are the 5 must visit attractions.


There is no doubt that the biggest and most prestigious shows in the world of theater are presented on Broadway. The main assemblies of pieces historically recognized as Les Misérables, Chicago and Leon King can be found among the programming.

Tickets are not the cheapest, all the perfect and impressive structures that are prepared for each assembly, the level of technical perfection of the entire production is very impactful and compensates the price. There is no doubt that some shows on the circuit are unique experiences.

Natural History Museum

Founded in 1869, the New York Museum of Natural History exhibits one of the largest varieties of fossils and dinosaur species in the world. The intention is to recreate the history of the most primitive beings on the planet, and thus allow the public to know a distant piece of their own history.

Navigating all corners of the museum is not an easy task, since there are more than 100 thousand square meters divided into rooms, galleries and expositions that take your breath away.

The visit can surprise any adult, but it will certainly be one of the most fantastic tours you can provide a child – after all, it is not every day that we can see real skeletons of various dinosaurs up close – including, obviously , the most famous of them, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Times Square

The charming Times Square is the center that most marks the urban life of the city, day or night, you will find it illuminated and full of people strolling. The building is in the liveliest part of Manhattan and our favorite place to stay, dine or have a drink.

There you will find an impressive variety of shops and restaurants from all over the world. Plenty of information per square meter, impossible not to leave enchanted by this famous touristic spot.

If we must mention a problem, since so many people come together in Times Square, it can be uncomfortable for some people, but if we think about it, this is the very charm of the place.

Central Park

The most famous park in the world, a favorite of locals and tourists and one of the most exciting places in New York. After all, they are nothing more, nothing less than 340 hectares or 153 blocks of green, beauty and incredible attractions.

One of New York’s most visited tourist spots, the giant Central Park is a heaven of calm amidst the bustling city. Typical New Yorkers ride bikes and it is possible to rent bicycles to tour the entire park. Before the grass picnic stop, check out the tribute paid to Beatle John Lennon, named Strawberry Fields.

Statue of Liberty

When you get to know New York, don’t miss your postcard and one of the most famous monuments in the world, the Statue of Liberty. It is recommended to climb to the top of the statue and have access to an unforgettable view of Manhattan Island.

It is located on a small island at the entrance of the New York Harbor – Liberty Island – and it was a gift from France to the United States in celebration of the centenary of American independence, celebrated in the year 1876. The official inauguration of the monument took place on October 28, 1886.

There you go, five attractions you must not miss. If you are a sports fan maybe also book tickets for a New York Knicks game and enjoy making your top expert NBA picks online on New York has sport venues for all tastes: football, soccer and baseball included.


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