Ways to Improve Circulation in Your Legs

Updated on February 23, 2020

If your legs are losing feeling or tingling more often than they used to, you may be suffering from poor blood circulation. This is a common ailment in the newly aging population. When their bodies begin to age, people tend to live more sedentary lifestyles than they once did. This can lead to increased strain on the circulatory system and to a higher likelihood of developing other conditions. Check out this guide on ways to improve circulation in your legs.

Get up and moving

Getting up and moving around a few times a day can foster positive blood flow in your legs. Always consult a doctor before engaging in exercise or if you have any health concerns. Moving around has many health benefits, helping your body regulate circulatory systems. Walking causes your muscles to contract and relax, which squeezes the large veins and signals them to promote blood flow.

Pay attention to your position

When you’re sitting down, be mindful of the way you sit. Crossing your legs has a negative impact on your blood flow, as it can cut off or lessen the circulation in your legs. Try to sit with both feet on the ground a few inches apart. You can also try to elevate your feet six to 12 inches off the ground to help with positive blood flow. If you’re experiencing extreme numbness or concerned about your circulatory system, consult your physician.

Wear compression gear

Wearing compression socks or stockings can improve your blood flow. This is a good option for extreme swelling or discomfort. Always ask a doctor before trying out compression gear, as higher levels of compression may require a prescription. When using compression to help facilitate better blood flow, make sure you’re putting on the socks properly to ensure they work to their full potential.

Replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones

Unhealthy habits such as smoking can cause many health issues. These can include lowered circulatory functions, which put you at risk of developing more serious conditions. Try to stop these unhealthy habits, and put your energy into eating healthily and getting enough exercise. Consult a doctor to determine the best diet and exercise plan for you—everybody is different, and everybody requires different plans.



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