Top 10 Shoe Styles Every Lady Should Own

Updated on May 24, 2018

Women get a lot of stick for having so many different pairs of shoes, but… when you really think about, there’s a good reason for that. The weather will have a lot to say in what type of style you choose on a day-to-day basis, and so will your overall look and the outfit you choose. So, in all honesty, women need at least ten different shoe styles in their wardrobe to ensure they are prepared for everything… and anything. We say ten because that is what we managed to narrow it down to. We tried, but we couldn’t narrow it down any further – these styles are simply must have.

1. The Ballet Flat

These are the shoes you say women of all ages wearing on a daily basis. They slip right on, they’re comfortable, and they go with pretty much any style of outfit. Not to mention the fact that they are available in a wide range of colours and patterns. Whether you feel like going with an animal print or a simple pair or black ballet flats, your wardrobe needs them.

2. The Sandal

You can go with straps or you can still to the classic thong look, whatever floats your boat. As long as your boat is floating along with a slick pair of sandals. These aren’t a want. They aren’t a nice to have. They are a must! Where would you be without your favourite sandals?

3. The Tall Boot

Knee-high, thigh-high… however high you want – as long as you have a nice pair of tall boots to turn to in times of need. They are ideal for winter and pair well with a long coat and a shorter dress or skirt. It’s a regal look that even Anna Wintour adores.

4. The Ankle Boot

If we had managed to narrow down this list to five then the ankle boot would have made it. You cannot live in today’s world without owning at least one pair of ankle boots. It just isn’t possible. They tick so many boxes and come in so many different styles you can do just about anything with them. You can go high or stay low, but more importantly, they’re adorable with skirts, jeans, shorts, and even a maxi dress.

5. Gumboots

Even adults like to splash in puddles, and you can’t do that safely without a trusty pair of gumboots. Thankfully they are a trendy piece of clothing which means that you have a lot of styles, lengths, and patterns and colours to choose from. Are you all about the polka dots, do you like going neon or are you more of a traditional gumboot type? It doesn’t matter, all that matters is you have them in your wardrobe.

6. Running Shoes

No wardrobe would be complete without a pair of running shoes. It doesn’t really matter if you plan to run in them, it just matters that you own them. Besides, you aren’t going to go the gym if you don’t have the proper footwear to use once you get there. This is a purchase with your health in mind. You need real running shoes to motivate you to improve your fitness. You must shop for your health.

7. Loafers

Yes, loafers are for women, too. While there are plenty of options available to you in loafers, a pair of brown loafers is handy. They look great with jeans, work for mini skirts, and even suit shorts. They are a great option to turn to when it’s too warm for a full shoe, but you don’t feel like wearing sandals. Perfection.

8. Peep-Toes

Don’t forget a heel with a difference. If you do happen to be wearing your peep-toes make sure your toes are painted. Whether you’re heading to the shops or going for brunch, peep-toes are a great way to work it.

9. Canvas Shoes

Converse? Keds? Vans? It doesn’t really matter what brand you prefer, what matters is that you have a good pair of canvas shoes in your closet. It’s for the casual look and lounge. It’s the perfect look to finish a hoodie and jeans or shorts and a t-shirt. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going out for ice cream or heading to the beach. Canvas shoes are durable, they’re comfortable, and well, they are super versatile.

10. The Black Pump

It really doesn’t matter whether you prefer a court shoe or a heel, what does matter that you have a pair of black formal shoes in your wardrobe. This is a non-negotiable. You can’t function properly in an adult world without having fancy shoes to throw on. Not only do they work with a little black dress or a simple skirt, they also look great with skinny jeans and a blouse. Versatile!

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