Supplements And The Elderly- How Seniors Can Make Better Choices

Updated on November 23, 2020

If you prioritize good health, you will understand the significance of a balanced, nutritious diet. But despite good intentions, it may not be enough to deliver to your nutritional needs. Seniors, in particular, may not get all the minerals, vitamins and other nutrients they require from their daily diet. Once you step into your fifties, your nutritional requirements may change. You will probably need to make informed food choices, with a balance between wholesome nutrition and calorie intake. 

At the same time, supplements become essential at this age to address any nutritional gaps, which are most likely to happen with aging. But you cannot simply pick any product off the shelf and start using it. The elderly need to ensure that they choose only ones that are safe and effective. Here are some useful pieces of advice that can help you make safer and smarter choices. 

Talk to your doctor

Seniors often have age-related health conditions to deal with, which they need to bear in mind before trying any new medication and health supplement. If you are considering a product, discuss it with a doctor first because he or she is the best person to decide whether it would work. They will start by understanding whether your intake of a nutrient is not sufficient, which is the only valid reason to switch to a supplement. Unless there are gaps in your diet, you wouldn’t need to go for extra. Apart from advising you on the viability of the supplement, they can also help you pick the right dosage depending on your age and health conditions. 

Do thorough research on the product

While you should absolutely consult a doctor before using a health supplement regularly, researching it on your end is also a good way to choose smartly. Check out the ingredients and read more about their benefits to people of your age. Don’t forget to study the side effects and drug interactions with the routine prescription medications you are taking. Supplement specialists at Supp Science recommend that independent reviews give you a fair idea about the safety and reliability of the product. Do listen to what real users have to say because word of mouth is far more trustworthy than the claims of manufacturers and marketers. 

Dose form matters too

When it comes to senior supplementation, the dosage form is a critical factor as it determines the ease of use and adherence. You would not want to struggle with challenges like difficulty in chewing and swallowing or reflux. Capsules and tablets, for example, may be harder to swallow for the elderly, so you may want something simpler such as a soluble tablet, tonic or powder product that dissolves in milk or water. The form also determines the bioavailability of the product, because some forms absorb faster than the others.

Supplements may be essential for the elderly because they need more nutrients and are less likely to get them all from food. But you need to be extra careful about choosing the right products that deliver effective benefits and are safe in the long term.


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