Stop Smoking, Quit Smoking for the New Year? The Ignored Secret

Updated on March 26, 2023
Todd Stofka
Todd Stofka

“To stop smoking or quit smoking as a New Year’s Resolution causes many smokers to experience great angst and fear at the thought of having to give up their cancer-causing friends,” says Todd Stofka, Stop Smoking Expert.

The new year is a great time to release the fear and enable smokers to finally become healthy and step into a smoke-free life.

The American Cancer Society has documented some unbelievable statistics of why you should quit smoking.

“The “big secret” that no one talks about is the emotional bond that a smoker has to their cigarettes,” says Todd Stofka, a hypno-therapist and neural repatterning specialist located in Philadelphia, PA. “Ask any smoker if their first cigarette tasted good. Of the hundreds of clients that I have worked with, I don’t recall one who said it did.” Some of the typical responses are, “I gagged, got sick, almost passed out.”

What happens next, says Stofka, is one of the most amazing works of neural repatterning that naturally occurs. Because of the fun, excitement, deviousness, sneakiness, and boldness of peer pressure, each one of those smokers convinces themselves at the unconscious level, to like, enjoy, and even love smoking. The very thing that made them gag and cough now becomes a habit and a form of bondage. They willingly allow themselves to be controlled by it for the next 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years or more.

Stofka’s client, Linda Koch, noticed a dramatic shift in her behavior after one session. A self-professed 30-year smoker, she noted “I didn’t think I could stop so easily. No cravings, withdrawal or weight gain. Todd showed me how to take the control back. I am peaceful and calm. I like being smoke-free and so does everyone around me.  I am a happier person and I know that I will be around for my grandson.”

The Stofka Method and Neural Repatterning process are custom designed with individual sessions. He has helped over 700 smokers kick this habit for good. They involve addressing the roots of the smoking emotions and behaviors and rewiring them into healthy habits. An essential part of Stofka’s holistic approach involves teaching people to take responsibility for their actions.

If any of these are an issue for you or anyone you know, it makes sense to seek out a performance coach to help you pull out your peak performance.

Call now for free evaluation… if you really want to quit. Contact Todd Stofka at 877-557-7409 or through his website at


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