Senior Activities To Keep the Mind and Body Healthy

Updated on June 29, 2022
Senior Activities To Keep the Mind and Body Healthy

Getting older is a challenge that not many are ready to face. People’s muscles begin to weaken, their minds are not as sharp as they once were, and the easiest thing to do is sit down all day watching tv. While this may be the easiest option, you should get off that chair and get involved in some healthy activities. Here are a few senior activities that can help with your overall mind and body health.


An activity that can stimulate your mind and body while also getting you out of the house is gardening. For many, gardening seems too far out of reach, as if you need special knowledge to make things grow. In reality, the process is fairly simple, and while it does require a little bit of work, this work is what makes it the most engaging. Getting out into the dirt and the sun also does wonders for the body. Additionally, you reward yourself with some delicious fresh produce at the end of your hard work.


Sports is an activity that many only view as available for young people. As you become older, your body becomes a little more fragile and can’t move the same way as it once did. While this is true, you should never think that disqualifies you from playing. It’s never too late to pick up sports like tennis or racquetball where you can get out, work up a sweat, and give something all of your focus. There are groups of older people who play sports so you can also establish connections and play with people relative to your skill levels.

Video Games

Video games aren’t just for young people. There are various games out there that can do wonders for your mind, and you’ll have a blast playing them as well. There are puzzle games that everyone is familiar with, such as Tetris and Bejeweled, more active games like Wii Sports, and mystery-adventure games that can truly engage the mind. There are plenty of games like this where there are no split-second reactions or intense action sequences, just pointing, clicking, and the unraveling of mysteries.

These were some senior activities to keep the mind and the body healthy. Of course, they both weaken as you get older, but if you are engaged in activities like these, you will be ready for the future, and aging will come at you a lot slower than it would have before.