Outdoor Hobbies Seniors Can Do From Their Backyard

Updated on June 30, 2022
Outdoor Hobbies Seniors Can Do From Their Backyard

You’re retired and in your golden years with all the free time you could want, but what do you do with it? Many people struggle with finding new passions at older ages, so we’ve put together a list of outdoor hobbies seniors can do from their backyard!


A favorite pastime for many, especially seniors, is gardening. Few things are more satisfying than watching something grow from a seedling to its full potential, whether it’s vegetables, fruits, herbs, or flowers!

Gardening is an excellent opportunity for seniors to get outside, get their hands dirty, and accomplish something. What’s better than fresh veggies for salads or blooming flowers outside the window?


For those that love birds, birdwatching is a great hobby to pick up later in life when they have a little more time on their hands. Even in densely populated cities, many areas are home to all kinds of different bird species if you’re patient enough and keep your eyes open.

Stop by a local bookstore or library and pick up a birdwatching guide for the area. Additionally, start a notebook or catalog of species flying around—you’ll be amazed at how many different varieties of birds stop by your backyard!

Pro Tip: Invest in high-quality binoculars to get a better and more precise look at every bird you can!


One fun and unique outdoor hobby that’s gaining popularity is beekeeping. Not only is it a fun and exciting hobby for seniors to dedicate their attention to, but it offers tons of benefits.

Obviously, beekeepers get a healthy supply of free honey, but a beehive also means better pollination for flowers in the area, free beeswax, and more! It doesn’t take much to start a beehive; once you start, we’re sure you’ll get hooked.

Pro Tip: Put fresh honey from your beehive in jars and sell it at a local farmer’s market to earn a few extra bucks!

Landscape Painting

Do you have a knack for drawing or painting, or have you always wanted to hone your art skills but never found the time? Here’s your sign that there’s no better time to take up landscape painting.

All it takes is an easel, a canvas, and some paint colors, and you can start creating your masterpiece. Plus, creative arts like painting have been shown to help seniors maintain cognitive ability by focusing their mind and keeping it active.

It gets more challenging to find and do fun outdoor activities as we get older. But we hope our list of some of our favorite outdoor hobbies seniors can do in their backyard helps you find your next passion!