Menopause Remedy Gears Up For Nationwide Distribution

Updated on October 10, 2022

live cool pouch fruit 2b--250x260The makers of all-natural menopause remedy Live Cool™ have announced the marketing of their popular menopause supplement nationwide. It is now available directly from the company website.

Production will also be increased to meet growing market demand.

“This represents a logical next step in our marketing,” says Live Cool™ spokesperson Maggie Duggan. “We are excited by the strong market interest that our product is generating, and we look forward to expanding distribution beyond our Colorado region.”

The product uses herbal ingredients clinically proven to be safe and effective in significantly reducing menopause symptoms including hot flashes, night sweats, sleeplessness and irritability, according to the product’s website. Several of its active ingredients are mainstays in traditional Eastern medicine. Unlike all other OTC menopause supplements, Live Cool comes in a citrus soft chew.

“Menopause is a three-dimensional problem that deserves a three-dimensional solution,” adds Duggan. “We take an all-natural approach to effectively lessening physical, emotional and psychological elements of menopause suffering.”

He notes that the unique blend of ingredients, not only helps significantly reduce menopause symptoms but also supports normal cardiovascular function, promotes circulatory health, and furthers overall well-being by increasing metabolism, stamina, and even sex drive.

“I trust the ingredients in Live Cool™ and I highly recommend it to my patients who are looking for natural alternatives to hormone replacement therapy.  This is truly a breakthrough product, and you can carry it with you,” says a prominent obstetrician and gynecologist.

Women being treated for other conditions should always consult with their physician before taking this or other health supplements.

For more information on all-natural Live Cool™ visit them online at or phone (877) 278-5594.

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