Is Cycling Good for People Over 50?

Updated on December 11, 2019

From childhood on, people can be passionate about biking, but as they age, they may be concerned about continuing this kind of exercise. Do the health benefits outweigh any safety concerns? Older people may be concerned about how cycling may affect or potentially cause any joint issues, back pain, or even other disease processes. The truth is that cycling can be a safe and healthy activity for people over fifty to enjoy, as long as they find the right equipment, pay attention to potential hazards, and use common sense.

The Right Tools for the Job

With appropriate gear, the over-fifty crowd can begin or go on cycling well into their golden years. If you are already active and cycle regularly, there is no reason why you can’t continue, but you may want to modify your bicycle for menfor a more comfortable ride. For example, you can replace your current bike seat with a saddle designed for comfort. The best city cruiser bikes are an ideal choice for new and seasoned riders because they typically have fewer gears and better shock absorption, so they are easier to get on and go without practice or know-how. Recumbent bikes are another choice that can take a little coordination to get the hang of but may be easier on your back and neck. Whichever you go with, just be sure that you test it before you buy so that you know how it feels.

The Proper Attire

You may also want to invest in better clothing designed for cycling, such as moisture-wicking, fitted leggings or shorts with padding in the seat or a kit-style top to cover your back and keep you comfortable. Obviously, you don’t need to have a new wardrobe just for cycling, but you may find some special gear can keep you comfy on longer rides. Shoes are another option, so decide if you want to clip in or if you are content with standard pedals that don’t require special footwear.

Safety or Comfort First?

Every time you hop on your bike, you should wear a helmet. You may want to get properly fitted to know how to wear it correctly. You can also look for other safety features on the best women’s bikeor men’s cruiser may include lights for city or nighttime rides, mirrors to see what’s behind you, and of course, a bell to warn others of your presence. Comfort is another concern when you are over fifty, so consider the height or shape of the handlebars and seat to make sure you are not putting too much pressure on your lower back or knees.

Making the Most of It

Just like with any form of exercise, you should check with your doctor to ensure you are healthy enough for cycling. Once you get the go-ahead, you can be well on your way to enjoying the following benefits:

  • Strength building
  • Cardiovascular exercise
  • Fat burning
  • Improved fitness
  • Mental clarity
  • Mood improvement

Hit the Road 

What are you waiting for? Hop on your bike and have an adventure. There’s no reason to let your age hold you back, and you should be able to continue cycling well after your 50s as long as you take some precautions and don’t overdo it.


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