How to Prep Your Home for Senior Care

Updated on April 11, 2020

Preparing your home as you age is one of the smartest moves that you can make. Time, after all, doesn’t care. It is impartial; it can be cruel, and more than that, it doesn’t turn back. An ache now could become a serious issue later on, and the only important thing is that you feel and are as independent as possible. 

Far too often, we let our pride get in the way of getting help. Accepting help, however, and upgrading our home as soon as issues start arising (and don’t go away) is how you can live better and enjoy your golden years. Prepping your home for senior living will help you live, help keep you safe, and allow you to enjoy yourself, and all you need is to follow this guide. 

Introduce First Aid Into Your Home 

Become Certified in First Aid 

The best way to prep your home is to prep yourselves. Get your whole family together and find the nearest option from the Red Cross or similar organization and become certified. This can help you later on, could help save someone’s life, and is overall just an excellent piece of knowledge to have under your belt. 

Stock Up on First Aid 

As we age, our bodies wear down. Having a first aid kit, first aid supplies, as well as a small collection of medication, hygiene kits, and, of course, a life alert system are all essential. You don’t want to have to wait to get care, even if that care is as simple as cold and flu pills to take care of a cough. Stock up on all your necessities from MFASCO, and, combined with your first aid training, you’ll be able to handle all minor emergencies right at home. 

Adjust Living Basics to Suit Your Needs 

If you are having difficulty reaching up for things, the issue won’t resolve itself in time. The best thing to do is instead adjust your home for your needs now. Move all essentials within easy reach, for example, or invest in a good stepping ladder. 

More extreme versions of this will require you to either move your bedroom downstairs or to install a chairlift. Not waiting to make these changes will help you stay independent and comfortable in your own home without restriction. Some ideas on how to adjust your home include: 

  1. Installing non-slip mats in kitchens and bathrooms 
  2. Investing in a fold-out chair for your shower
  3. Installing grab bars in the bathroom next to the tub and toilet 
  4. Installing low and easy-to-reach open shelves in the kitchen and throughout the home
  5. Enjoying the convenience of Lazy Susans in your cupboards 
  6. Improving lighting throughout the home 
  7. Covering the entryway of your home, so you aren’t exposed to the elements trying to open the door
  8. Installing rails on both sides of your stairs 
  9. Another gadget you want in your kitchen is a ductless range hood. It will help you remove smoke while cooking. To learn more, read these ductless range hood reviews.

These are just some of the ways you can prep your home, both physically and for emergencies. You might need to do more (or less) depending on your home’s size and type. Once you make these changes, however, you’ll be able to enjoy independence for longer and reduce the risk of injury. 

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