How to Make Money with MCO?

Updated on December 11, 2020

MCO is a digital currency, which means it can be traded for other cryptos on many online exchanges.

The principle of making money with MCO is no different than the other systems of creating a profit using cryptos. Your goal is to buy them when the price is low and sell them once the price goes up.

However, to engage in the art of trading cryptocurrencies, you should find a safe, secure, and trustworthy exchange. But before we describe how MCO trading works, let’s make a quick overview of MCO.

How Does MCO Rank Right Now?

MCO is’s official cryptocurrency, originally called Monaco but rebranded in 2018. 

The crypto retained its original name and used MCO as a ticker symbol. is a cryptocurrency company that advocates switching from fiat to crypto. Its mission is to speed up the entire process of digitalizing money, and it even offers a wide array of products to support its purposes, such as cards, apps, and more.

Like every other company in the crypto sphere, has a native digital asset that can be bought and sold for other cryptos.

The coin’s total supply is 31,587,682 MCO, with more than 15 million MCO already circulating. The market cap for MCO at the moment is $22 million. However, that may change in the future, depending on the number of people trading Monaco.

The all-time high was $27.1, and the all-time low was $0.64, and both records were reached in 2017.

Making a Profit with MCO using a DEX

If you believe it’s time to sell or buy MCO, it’s time to use a decentralized exchange. But how to do that?

It’s pretty simple.

First of all, select a reputable online exchange. We’ll take for this article, as Godex is the most convenient one. It comes with a simple crypto converter that doesn’t require registration to start trading.

Let’s say that you already own MCO and want to sell it and obtain another cryptocurrency as part of your trading strategy. All you have to do is select MCO in the You Send field.

Then, you need to select the cryptocurrency you’re buying. In this example, we’ll use COS as target crypto.

Therefore, pick COS in the right field, and you’ll be able to convert MCO to COS successfully.

You’ll notice that both fields are empty, and it’s up to you to choose which one to fill in. In other words, you can either enter how much MCO you wish to sell or how much COS you’d like to buy.

If you enter MCO,’s converter will automatically display its current worth in COS, and vice versa.

After the converter displays the price, enter the destination wallet address, and proceed with the exchange. will take up to 30 minutes to process your exchange. You should be able to see COS available in your wallet after that.

Main Benefits of offers plenty of benefits for cryptocurrency traders, including the ones who want to trade MCO. The three main advantages are low fees, unlimited trading, and fixed prices.

Godex charges lower fees compared to its competitors, meaning you’ll save more money in the long run.

Moreover, there are no upper limits on how much you can trade. Therefore, is suitable for serious traders looking to exchange huge amounts of MCO.

Finally, the platform freezes the prize as soon as you start the exchange process, meaning you’ll get the price that you saw when you started the transaction, even if it changed in the meantime.


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