Have Problems Sleeping? Here are 4 Things That Will Shut Your Brain Down at Night!

Updated on August 12, 2021


By Theresa Brawner

Some people fall asleep harder than others. That’s just common sense. However, it seems like now, young people experience more stress and are unfortunately less able to manage it than any other generation before them.

What’s more, more than half of millennials admit that they often ley awake at night because of stress and anxiety. According to recent BDA Morneau Shepell research, roughly 12% of millennials have a diagnosed anxiety disorder – which is almost twice the percentage of the generation before them.

How Lack of Sleep Affects You

During the night, when your mind start wandering, anxiety can easily build up and before you know it, an hour passes and you’re still completely awake. What’s worse, this is the moment you start thinking about how your lack of sleep will destroy your focus and productivity.

And over time, this becomes and endless cycle…

And this happens to more people than you probably think. As Huffington Post reports, recent research has shown that more than 80% of people say that they are stressed about their jobs and around 50% say that work-related stress affects their sleep in a negative way.   

Sleeping less than 6 hours per night is one of the biggest forecasters of burnout…

Research has shown that the amount of sleep you get per night has a direct impact on your ability to handle complicated tasks, solve problems and stay productive throughout the day. So if you anxiety is keeping you up at night, you need to find a way to correct this problem…

Four Things That Will Help You Sleep

  • Make your bedroom as comfortable as possible…

The first tip for you is rather simplistic, but it’s still worth talking about it, since it can be really effective. So first, you need to make going to sleep something you’re looking forward to. This means you should buy some new comfy sheets, pillows and if needed a new mattress. Also, if you’re a person with sleeping apnea problems, you should perhaps get an effective snoring aid to help you fight off this nuisance. 

  • Turn of your PC, TV and stop checking your smartphone…

Your mind absorbs every bit of information you’re exposed to on a daily basis. So if you watch too much news, violence on TV, you’re negatively affecting your relaxation state and strengthening your neural pathways that feed your anxiety. So while turning every device before you go to bed seems impossible, you should definitely try it for a couple of nights and see if you go to sleep faster.

  • Make sure to empty your brain completely before sleep…

With so much information you’re exposed to every day, it’s no wonder that your mind is always racing million miles at hour. One possible solution is to keep a notebook by your bed, and just before you lie down, write all of your thoughts as they come up in your mind. This will clean up your brain from all of those worries and clutter you’re constantly dealing with.

  • If everything else fails, get up and leave the room…

And if you’re unable to sleep fifteen minutes after laying in your bed, you should simply get up and go into another room in your home. Of course, you’ll probably be tempted to turn on the TV or see what’s going on Twitters. But you should resist the temptation, and go for a more relaxing activity like reading a few pages of a book. This will take your mind off your anxieties and allow you to finally rest.

You can also overcome sleep issues with the best kava capsules. Kava comes in powder form, as capsules, as tea, and as an extract. It makes it easy for you to consume and hence handle any sleeping issues.

The Bottom Line

When it’s all said and done, while you know just how sleep is important for your concentration and productivity, the last thing you want do is over-think your situation and become actually anxious about sleep itself.

You just need to follow the tips we listed above – and maybe do some further research – and develop a healthy attitude with work-related stress. Once you manage this, you’ll be able to finally rest and perform at optimum level.

We want your feedback! Tell us what do you think about our sleeping tips? Do you think we missed out on a couple of crucial ones? Do you have any sleeping tips of your own? Whatever the case may be, make sure to leave a comment and share your thoughts with the rest of us. 


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