Great and Meaningful Gifts for your Grandchildren

Updated on February 13, 2015

By Melissa Stevens

The relationship between a grandparent and a grandchild is indeed a unique one. And giving gifts can fortify that relationship, make it stronger, especially if you do not see your grandchildren so often because they live in a different town or state. In today’s world which develops so fast every day, one can consider slowing it down, and taking a break – and using this break to dedicate oneself to the only thing that matters in life – the family. Here are some great and meaningful gift ideas that you can give to your grandchildren.

Family tree

Maybe the greatest gift you can give your grandchild is a sense of belonging. You can start by telling him/her about the family history, and especially if it is a long one, then tell stories about their descendants. A lot of people have in their possession a family tree, but if you do not have it, you can make it by doing research, talking to the priests in your town, etc. If you want to make the process more fun, you can invite your grandchild to assist you in it, and the two (or more) of you can do it together.


If your grandchildren are small, then a perfect gift would be a toy. But if you give them educational toys (such as construction kits, building sets, board games) which are proved to be among the top things for the development of a toddler, you will show that you care for them and want to make their fun time educational as well. Open their imagination and make them curious.

Handmade gifts

Making a gift special is one of the greatest achievements of a gift-giver. You can make your grandchildren something to remember you by, like a sweater or a knitted hat and scarf (but keep up with the fashion trends!); or, you can paint them a portrait, take a family photo and put it in a hand-made frame. Whatever comes into your mind and you are skilled for.


Time spent with the grandparents cannot be replaced by anything in the world, because what grandchildren and grandparents have in common are the parents, who sometimes may be too busy, so it is on you to jump in and help them around. Make it quality time, be a fun grandparent, take your grandchildren to amusement parks (if you are in the mood for it), or go to a museum, tell them stories about past life and how everything worked before they were born. And tell them secrets about their parents, how wild they used to be. Be their ally, so that they know that they can count on you if in need.


Money is a slippery territory. Even though it is always welcome, you sure do not want it to be the only gift you give them. You can, for example, open a bank account and put some money away so that you can provide your grandchildren with a college fund. Money spent on education is money spent wisely.


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