Five Things People Will Do Who Really Want to Go Back to Work

Updated on February 25, 2017

2B45EA7FBC804735BE20419C55576D4FBy Sue Rice

If you can read and write the country’s language and get yourself to work – you can get a job – even in a recession.  Here are five things people who are serious about finding a job can do right now. 

  1. Do something entrepreneurial.  Post an ad on any job board stating you are available to perform these services and someone will hire you.  Advertise that you are available to housesit or petsit; provide shopping services or transportation for someone who is disabled; do some outdoor work (put up Christmas lights, wash windows, clean up gardens, etc.).
  2. Volunteer.  You might as well be doing something productive with your time.  It will look good on your resume.  Besides, doing something for others will make you feel better.
  3. Improve your skills.  Libraries frequently offer free computer classes.  Check out the unemployment centers.  They might have interviewing classes.  Go online and type in the words “free online courses.”  You will be amazed at what’s out there.
  4. Network.  Join a new group.  Whether it’s a golfing group or the Elks, it doesn’t matter.  It gets you out of the house and involved with new people who might know someone who wants to hire you.
  5. Don’t turn your nose up at job opportunities that are available now.  Sign up to drive for Uber or to substitute teach.  Any job that gives you money to pay your bills and that you can get now is better than no job and no money.

What are you waiting for? 

Sue Rice is a retired HR Director from the transit industry and a graduate of Kent State University.  Today she volunteers with International Friends Connection at KSU, One of a Kind Pet Rescue, Stewart’s Caring Place and with a faith-based group that provides ESL classes for refugees in Akron, Ohio. 


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