Choosing the coveted farmhouse colors for your kitchen

Updated on September 28, 2020

Kitchen upgrades can give you a unique kind of high. You can be enthusiastic about this undertaking as you pick every single thing yourself. While such wholesale renovation work requires meticulous attention and judgment, you can have a favorite feature or two that you don’t want to let go of, no matter what theme you venture out trying. For example, you can be eager to give your kitchen a farmhouse twist to immerse yourself in the rustic charm and use a golden faucet to add a subtle luxurious touch. Well, it is not surprising because farmhouse kitchen decors and golden sink faucets are the real crazes as per the latest trends.  

Anyway, you may wonder how to merge these two popular styles to have the best of both worlds.  It can be a bit challenging, but it is not impossible to visualize them in one corner. Farmhouse colors don’t have to be neutral tones every time. You can take the liberty to think beyond whites and wood shades. To be precise, you can give precedence to even gold, navy blue, terra-cotta, and green. It is just that you have to be proper with the application of these palettes. Your space should look spacious, bright, and attractive with textures and hues. Here are a few suggestions that can help you imagine your kitchen the way you desire. 

Visualizing the farmhouse kitchen 

The colors for countertops, walls, and cabinets

You should proceed with the understanding that two elements are definite – farmhouse-style interiors and any of the gold kitchen faucets found in the market. In this kitchen design, people usually pick white, beige, or gray paint for their cabinetry and walls. Or, you can incline towards khaki creams or moderate wood tones with confidence. All these farmhouse colors can support your gold faucet without complaining.

As far as the countertop color goes, you can choose it based on the shade of your cabinets and walls. A beige wall can mix well with a deep gray countertop.  Flooring can be wood for a warmer feeling.

Since color temperature can have a lot of impact on your farmhouse kitchen’s personality, you can embrace a mix and match of warmer and cooler tones to create the right ambiance. As such, when you talk of warmth, you can depend on gold to do the trick. As a part of the yellow family, a golden tinge can never disappoint you in this area. In cooler shades, you can count on purple, green, and blue.  

The lighting arrangement

It’s not a farmhouse kitchen if it is not airy and full of light. Some kitchens can struggle in this area for the lack of natural light. But you can depend on the combination of saturated and darker accents and bright-colored surfaces to attain this goal. For instance, your golden kitchen faucet can impart warmth, while glossy backsplash reflecting light can add a sense of calm. For smaller or busy kitchens, pendant lights and other such options can be significant. It is just that these should not occupy too much of visual space to ensure that the area looks bigger and energetic.

The choice of accent colors

Since it is about the whole kitchen, you have to open your mind to all the aspects. Although the farmhouse theme and golden sink faucet are the two main variables, you have to expand your view from here to cover all the elements. For instance, you know that your background can be white, teal, green, and wood tones. You have also decided that a gold faucet will dominate your sink area. While all these can be the perfect choices in their own right, you may need to add color accents to do justice to everything in your kitchen. You can pop up blues, browns, greens, and terra-cottas in designs here and there.

The intermittent addition of these colors on walls against a tall commercial-style gold faucet can come across as extremely powerful. However, if you want to avoid it but not abandon it totally, there is another option. You can accentuate the inside cabinets or kitchen ceilings as the contrasting colors tend to look eye-catchy.

So, these are a few things that can help you explore the concept of farmhouse-style kitchen décor and golden faucet together. In stores, you can get diverse options in a golden plumbing fixture. Before you buy anything, it is essential to know the best solution for your theme.

The selection of golden kitchen sink faucet

The hallmark of any farmhouse kitchen tends to be its comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. This style’s heart and soul depend on matte or brushed finishes and not on glossy or chrome bodies typical in contemporary kitchens. So, if you want to bask in the actual farmhouse comfort, make sure your golden faucet is semi-glossy. It will have a subtle presence amidst the crowded kitchen space. Even experts believe that brushed gold finishes can be the perfect partners for farmhouse colors.

However, no farmhouse theme can be entirely successful if it lacks optimum functionality. So, it would be best if you did not go by its outer appearance alone when you shop for a brushed gold faucet. You have to check its performance also. Pick something that can tolerate wear and tear for a long time without succumbing to the daily kitchen pressure. It should allow you to transition from stream to sprayer in a snap. Plus, the sprayer head should have extended reach for helping you with a quick cleaning. It should be easily retractable too.

So, you must have got an idea that your golden faucet can fit into a farmhouse theme hassle-free. It is that you have to be careful with your choices to create an attractive ambiance in your renovated area. If all the elements settle down well in their place, you can proudly enjoy their contribution to the theme. At the same time, you can also feel satisfied that your time, money, and efforts created the kind of impact you wanted to gift your cooking zone. 

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