Alcohol Rehab for seniors – They Do Exist!

Updated on October 6, 2020

The population of the elderly is growing at a rapid rate with every passing year. Older adults are those who fall within the age group of above 65. They are becoming addicted to different kinds of drugs because of concern for their respective countries’ people and government. There is the emergence of the culture of free love and drug experimentation among them. The generation is struggling with addiction and alcohol abuse. Alcohol is the most abundantly used substance among the older generation. Studies show that the number is increasing rapidly and will eventually double itself with every passing year. 

The options of treatment for alcohol addiction in the elderly

Addiction intervention is significant among the elders as they do not understand the need for addiction treatment. If you do not intervene, you will not prepare the person for starting the treatment. Alcohol use disorder treatment has many facilities available for senior citizens. The programs include residential treatment, medical detox, outpatient treatment, forming an alcohol withdrawal timeline, and many more. As they age, the need for medication among them becomes more critical. Both the mental and physical health of the person is equally essential, so everything needs consideration. The dependency of the older generation on drugs is immense, so abuse is also very high. The unique circumstances and specific needs of the more senior adult need consideration. The following points are of tremendous importance for the same.

• Identification of the problem and addiction in elders: It is not easy to identify and recognize the substance abuse in the elder age group. It can be because of social isolation. After retirement, they may live alone, away from family, and their peer group may dwindle as they age. All this increases the distance of the person from the other members of the family and social circle. There is a social stigma that elderly persons are inclined to use drugs, which are common among them. It is primarily responsible for doctors even to choose not to treat the patients. 

    Thus the first step to help an elderly out of the drug abuse is by identifying that they are going through one. The use of alcohol can hurt both their mental and physical health, such as slowing metabolism, medical complications, making them less tolerant of drugs, etc. Any addiction will not go down well with the physical and mental condition of the person. As a family member or as a friend, it is your responsibility to look for the symptoms of addiction in them and, at the same time, help them come out of it. 

• Intervention: Recognition of substance abuse is the first step, and it is followed by the next, which is an intervention. Your intervention will help these patients to get the right attention at the right time. Intervention can be in the form of carefully planned meetings of the loved ones who will be directly affected by their substance abuse. You can take the help of a professional to schedule the appointment and work out on its details. The intervention will help the older adult to understand the need and importance of alcohol disorder treatment. You can go to Luxury alcohol rehab centers that are available worldwide to get the meeting planned. You can do some amount of research before you go for the meeting to get things into place. Ensure that you do not charge them directly; instead, try to make them conscious that they are going through such am condition. Make them realize the importance of the treatment. 

• Age-specific addiction treatment program: There are two basic types of programs for all age groups, and some focus on specific age groups. The second one will include the elderly population. There are also gender-specific programs that are available. You will first have to ascertain the cause of addiction and accordingly try to plan for the most appropriate treatment for them. 

• Medical detox: Detox isthe most effective method to remove the drug and alcohol from an individual. They use medicines to accomplish this process and also therapies for overall healing. The professionals have to be aware of the medications they regularly take to prescribe the best drugs for them. Also, it will help them to decide on the dosage. The medical history and the patient’s mental health need evaluation so that they can prescribe the most suitable drug. 

Here, the type of treatment that may suit the person depends upon many factors. You will have to evaluate the condition in detail to not fall out of any information. The decision of the most appropriate treatment depends upon individual factors that only a professional can decide. Thus you must send your loved one to a safe environment to pace up the healing process. Do not hesitate to take professional help in overcoming drug and alcohol addiction. 


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