Best Golf Balls for Seniors – Top Rated Brands Review

Updated on April 28, 2019

Golfing is not only a pro sport for the young guns, but also a very popular sport among seniors. The reason for this is that it gives them a little bit of activity, as well as physical fitness, and helps them keep a sharp mind and eye. Most senior golfers are over 50 years old, and when they ask what the benefactor of the game matters the most, it’s not just the clubs and their swing. Having the perfect golf balls can greatly affect your game as well, so in this guide we’ll give you some of the best golf balls for seniors.

Go For the Distance

If you’re going for distance, the Srixon AD333 Tour golf ball is a professional grade golf ball that is actually harder towards the outside of the core. This causes less driver spin, and is a great ball to hit for a little more distance. The center core of the ball is actually super soft, so it absorbs shock very well also. This ball has more dimples in it than other balls of the brand, and are used in professional tours. What’s even better, this ball comes with a great price tag attached to it, even if it’s not a bright yellow ball.

Best Green Traveler All Around

The Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball is perfect for when you’re just trying to get a good feel all over the green, and it’s also great when you need to get around to try and get your par. It’s made of high quality graphene, and is infused in the special core made exclusive only by Calloway. The ball also uses hexagonal technology to make it more aerodynamic, and has an outer cover that is a perfect display of this technology that also gives you a great edge. You can get better landings with a ball like this, although it’s a little higher priced.

Best Equally Balanced Golf Ball

When it comes to being able to hit a ball as a senior, it’s imperative that you can get the effects of a fast-hard swing that the younger competitors can achieve. Because of this, the Titleist Velocity golf ball is one of the best all-around golf balls because it is optimized to get maximum speed upon contact compared to some other balls out there. It’s definitely a great ball when it comes to getting a good handicap, and it can come in numerous colors for better visibility.


Though there are many golf balls out there, the thing you want to achieve as a senior golfer is usually the same par and performance that your younger competition can swing. Of course, some of the most professionals have spent years honing their skills so they may be able to achieve these abilities with finesse, most senior golfers don’t have the ability to hit quite as hard as they used to. Therefore, with these golf balls, they can get the same game they’ve been playing for years and even if they’re a moderately casual golfer, they can get to feel like a pro.


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