Advertisements: The Backbone of Business

Updated on February 18, 2020
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The fact that Sydney is the capital of New South Wales is mostly the reason why it is a regular part of the conversations dedicated to traveling. It houses some of the famous iconic structures in the world, such as the Opera House, Byron Bay, and the Blue Mountains. Apart from these, a lot of emerging business companies are doing well in the state because of government support. 

East Ryde is a suburb located in New South Wales. One of the thriving locations in Sydney, it offers tons of tourist spots and various small to large-scale businesses. If you are planning on penetrating the walls of its colorful business industries such as food, tourism, and services like printing in East Ryde; remember that the keys to any good startups are uniqueness, value-for-money, and attitude.

Spreading the word

Every business company wants nothing but to drive as many customers as they can. Doing this, however, entails a painstaking process. They have to organize everything from their target audience to their marketing strategy. If you are planning to run a business, there is another thing that also requires utmost consideration – advertising.

Advertising is the backbone of any business. It is responsible for getting the message out there, for encouraging potential customers, and for enticing prospective investors. Without the right marketing plan, your products, no matter how innovative, will be sitting on the shelves for a long time.

Print advertisements

Anybody who says that print advertisements are a dying art has obviously been doing it wrong. The print media is still very much as relevant as any other form of media. Printed advertisements come in various mediums like newspaper or magazine ads, tarpaulins, billboards, discount coupons, and of course, the ever-popular flyers. Flyers, along with discount coupons, are the most accessible mass-produced form of advertisement. Flyers/discount coupons can fall on the hands of just anybody walking down the street. But be careful with planning and designing your flyers, one simple mistake in terms of sizing or color combination will prompt people to chuck the piece of paper in a bin as quick as they can.

Common mistakes

  • Flyers

The ideal size of flyers should not be much larger than the hand of an average adult because any larger and the holder would have to fold it when it is time to store it away for reading later. And what do you think usually happens to folded pieces of papers that are left in bags or jean pockets? That’s right; they end up as trash. You would have lost a potential customer even before they got to read what you had to offer.

  • Tarpaulins and mini-billboards

Dimensions and readability is the key to a good tarpaulin/mini-billboard, that and its ability to stay put during all types of weather. Experts who offer services like printing in East Ryde side are lucky that they wouldn’t have to worry too much in terms of their printed tarps and billboards getting blown away by strong winds since their part of Sydney usually has sunny days.

Having a good color balance and readable fonts are the essentials that make a billboard standout. After all, even the most relaxed person would get frustrated when they have to stop for more than a few seconds trying to decipher your adverts. Then can you imagine how the busier people would react?

DIYing printed advertisements are okay, but hiring professional designers and patronizing printing services will be smarter and less costly in the long run. No trial and error and no sloppy handiwork will have to be tolerated this way. The business world is not a walk in Magdala Park. Sometimes you have to run to get ahead.