Fun Hacks to Help You Earn More Tickets in an Arcade

Updated on March 2, 2020
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Those who live in Botany Downs are very lucky because everything is within easy access. This bustling town is a part of the eastern suburbs of Auckland, New Zealand. It is a great place because it is near shopping malls, beaches, golf clubs, and parks. This suburb is home to the biggest shopping centre of Aotearoa, the Maori name of this beautiful country, called the Botany Town Centre. 

A lot of Kiwis, both young and the young-once-upon-a-time, love going to the Botany arcade during their weekends. One of the most popular games is those interactive ones that give corresponding tickets depending on how well you perform. Most people rely on chance to see how many tickets they can garner. However, instead of betting on your luck, you can try to hack some of the arcade games so you can grab more tickets. Consider these following tricks below, which have the potential to boost your ticket rewards. 

Utilize Your Hand For the Jump Rope Game

In almost every arcade, there is the popular jump rope game, which also happens to be a classic. Should you want to earn more tickets, and you don’t mind if your hands get a little dirty, use your hands to mimic the jumping. You won’t tire yourself out hopping around, and the rhythmic movement of your hands is a lot faster, earning you more points. 

You also have better control with your hands, and this equates to a lot more tickets. Don’t feel too bad doing this quick “cheat” because it will just earn you a few more tickets. This method is also a new fun way of playing a classic game in Botany arcade that will make you and your companions laugh because you will look so silly jumping with your hands. 

Try to Get More Tickets By Gently Pulling What’s Out

Yes, it is a bit sneaky, and every kid has probably tried to do this in the past. A quick way to earn two or three more tickets is by gently pulling those that have been spit out by the ticket dispenser. The operative word here is gentle. Try to pull out a wee bit more, but you have to be careful, so it will not rip. There will be some bit of drag, but the key is to pull with care so the machine doesn’t clamp. 

There’s something that kicks the adrenaline when you are attempting to con the ticket dispenser for more. This trick is, of course, all in the essence of a good time. Who will get rich robbing a ticket machine? No one. But the fun times laughing with your friends as you try to be sneaky little brats are priceless moments. 

Take Advantage of a Ball Game

Think of skee ball, bowling, or even those mini-basketball games (the short ones you can reach with your hands). You can use straws to act as your bumper guards for bowling. As for skee ball, take out the ones with an open side, so you can go near the mound and drop the ball on the highest score. As for basketball, this will only work for a shorter machine for kids where you can reach your hands in and dump the ball. 

Typically, these games are in the children’s section. Of course, trying to earn more tickets this way is just all in the spirit of fun. And this is precisely the whole point of going to an arcade. You go there to have a great time doing things that you usually would not do. 

Final Word

Hacking an arcade with your friends won’t earn you hundreds or thousands of tickets. The management doesn’t usually mind because, at best, you will just get a dozen more ticket stubs. Attempting to do these crazy hacks is just for extra kicks to amplify your fun time in an arcade. Breaking the rules is generally not on your agenda, so you can only act silly like this in an arcade, which in some way makes you feel like a kid all over again. 

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