Advantages of Getting into a California Addiction Rehab Center

Updated on March 19, 2022
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Addiction can be a very serious problem in people’s lives. If you suffer from it, it is essential to get help as soon as possible to start changing your behaviors, obtain medications, and have a safe detox. This post will be about the benefits of rehab programs and how they help people struggling with an addiction.

If you are looking for a faster recovery, you need to find a suitable rehabilitation facility in California. That is where an addiction specialist can treat and provide detox programs that will help you get back on track. Your recovery will be much smoother if you have a team of therapists, support groups, and friends supporting your progress, and you should give this a try.

About a Rehab Facility

Inpatient rehab centers are for people seeking help for their alcohol or drug problems. This place is where they will live full-time for weeks or months. There is also an option for outpatient programs where individuals go in at a specific time of the day, but they will still come home afterward.

It is worth noting that the facility is a non-hospital setting, and it’s a community where the people stay from 30 days to a year. The programs for the drug rehab will depend on the patient’s addiction, cases, and progress. While it is not generally for everyone, these facilities can still offer many people many benefits. 


For people who are abusing drugs and are undergoing the process of withdrawal, the process of detoxification may be unpleasant. Drugs like methamphetamines may cause withdrawal symptoms like extreme fatigue, depression, and anxiety. Others may even begin to experience delusions, hallucinations, and psychosis.

Individuals who were using codeine and oxycodone from opioids may be susceptible to diarrhea, shaking, high blood pressure, fever, vomiting, and body aches. This is why trying the detox methods on your own can be a complex process. Recovery centers in California today offer plans that include detox and intervention. These processes help people turn their life around with support from professional counselors and therapists.

The doctors will monitor your vital signs for unpleasant symptoms, and you’ll find that you’ll be able to handle the worst when you have someone with you. The detox process can be from three to ten days, and you might be feeling its worst after 72 hours. 

Some studies may show that it can even last for a few months, especially if the patients started taking drugs when they were young. Being in these inpatient centers will mean that someone will have constant access to medical care that can ease their overall experience. See more about detox here

Higher Success Rates

When addicts begin to attend outpatient rehabs, they might contact their dealers or go to a liquor store when they feel hopeless. Returning to the same place where they have spent most of their time smoking weed or binge-drinking alcohol can be a trigger that will tempt them into relapse. The benefit of being in an inpatient program is that most people get limited access to the substances that make their lives worse. 

Research has shown that the ones admitted to the facilities have shown more improvements than those getting outpatient treatments. Those who could attend and remain in their programs are increasing their social, psychological, physical, and occupational functioning in society. There is also a decreased need to do criminal activities for not intoxicated people.

Many people who have overcome their disorders have learned about the tools that are preventing them from getting a relapse. They are not risking themselves developing another substance use disorder (SUD) and achieving the remissions they have wanted will not automatically lead to drug substitution.

Have a More Functional Community

One of the significant components of the program is to have a fellowship that is created with other recovering addicts, counselors, and staff. This is one of the reasons why Alcoholics Anonymous is so successful.  More about this international fellowship on this site:

When you have a reliable support system with people who are struggling with the same thing as you and you have a shoulder to lean on, it becomes highly beneficial to your recovery. Having relationships and social networks will provide an environment of friendship, love, hope, and support essential to healing.

Living in an area supported with promising social resources will be a good thing. Getting others to support you when they do not understand your struggles can be frustrating in an outpatient setting. It takes time to form bonds, but it will be easier when you have people around you who have the same goals. These facilities in California will provide you with the right resources so you can live a normal life, and you will also create aftercare plans to remain sober after you get out. 

Is it Worth It?

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The center’s demand for housing, food, medical care, and 24/7 staff, so the costs may be higher compared to the outpatient programs. Many believe that these treatments are worth it, and you are generally investing in yourself, your future, and your relationships.

Various levels of treatment can range from minimally intensive to highly intensive. More intensive levels of services will cost more over the long run. However, the insurance may cover some of these medications, housing, and care, but it will depend on the policy and facility you are in. A few factors may determine the costs, and they can be the following:

  • The range of services being provided and the length of stay of a patient
  • The intensity of the services that were rendered
  • Location of the facility
  • Specific factors that may affect treatment like mental health problems, pregnancy, and other health issues
  • Costs of Resources
  • Amenities

Starting your Recovery Today

Rehab will help you with the detoxification from various drugs and stay that way even after you have gotten out of the facility. You can get back to your life and live it in a fulfilling way. This path will start your lifelong journey of avoiding intoxicating substances and letting others know about their adverse effects.


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