5 Ways To Relief Back Pain For Seniors

Updated on October 23, 2017

Whether you’re a senior citizen who is dealing with acute back pain or you’re the primary carer of a senior who is suffering from back pain, simply continue reading to discover 5 effective ways to relieve back in senior citizens.

After all, there’s no reason to suffer in silence when the symptoms of back pain can be treated with a variety of foolproof, natural remedies. 5 effective ways to relieve back pain for seniors:

Aqua jogging or swimming

Regular exercise can significantly decrease your back pain. Whilst you may no longer be able to run a marathon, you may be interested in weekly aqua jogging or swimming sessions at your local pool. Both aqua jogging and swimming are manageable, low impact exercises. Alternatively, if you currently have a low level of fitness or mobility issues, you may want to try walking in waist-high water.

Consume fish oil

Fish oil contains two useful fatty acids, DHA and EPA both of which can decrease the swelling and pain associated with a sore back. So if your back hurts every time you try to stand up from a chair or get out of the car, it’s well worth consuming fish oil on a daily basis (read more here)

Fish oil can be consumed in liquid form as well as in capsule form. As an added bonus fish oil can also prevent the onset of arthritis, which is a common ailment among senior citizens.

Sleep with a pillow between your knees

If you naturally sleep on your side, it’s well worth getting into the habit of sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs. Make sure that your pillow sits comfortably between your knees. This position may help reduce back pain as it ensures that your spine is kept in a neutral position.

If you prefer to sleep on your back, you can straighten your spine by placing a pillow underneath your knees. Whilst sleeping with an extra pillow between your knees or under your knees may significantly decrease your back pain, it’s also well worth investing in a high-quality memory foam mattress. This ensures your spine is correctly aligned.

So if you thought dealing with acute back pain was an unavoidable part of aging think again! Simply try the pain relief methods listed above out for yourself!

Heating pad

An inexpensive heating pad can be pleased on your lower back, in order to soothe back pain. Just remember not to place your heating pad over your shirt as you don’t want to accidentally burn your skin. A great time to use a heating pad is when you’re sitting on your favorite chair, watching television, reading or completing a puzzle.

How does heat therapy work? Heat therapy relieves muscle pain and muscle spasms, which cause back pain. Direct heat also prevents your body from sending pain signals to your brain.

Lastly, a heating pad can increase the flow of oxygen to your sore back muscles, which can help your damaged muscles repair themselves. So if you’re looking for a long-term solution to your back pain, it’s well worth purchasing a heating pad.

Acupressure mat

Acupressure mats offer instant pain relief. If you find your back pain unbearable, simply lie down on an acupressure mat for a minimum of 20 minutes. So that your back’s acupressure points are activated. For optimal results, try lying directly on your acupressure mat, without your shirt on so that your back is in direct contact with your acupressure mat.

Experts recommend using an acupressure twice a day, once when you wake up in the morning and a second time, before you get ready for bed. Using an acupressure mat first thing in the morning, is a wise idea if you tend to wake up with a sore back after lying on your back for 8 hours.

Using an acupressure mat before bed is also highly recommended if you have trouble sleeping due to chronic back pain. Just beware that you may experience slight discomfort during the first 3-5 minutes which you spend on an acupressure mat.

However, any initial discomfort which you may experience will soon be forgotten as you should find that you’re able to go about your day without experiencing debilitating back pain.

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