5 Health Problems Caused by Air Conditioning

Updated on October 11, 2020

By Emma Lawson

One of the things in life which we cannot influence is the weather. It changes occasionally, and it can be predicted by forecasters in many occasions. There is nothing we can do to stop the incoming heatwave or cold winds, but we can do many things to protect our home environment from the weather. The solution most people go for is air conditioning. Unfortunately, people are unaware of the issues caused by air conditioning. Therefore, we will try to point out some of the most important health issues caused by air conditioning.

Fatigue and illness

Mid-summer day is best countered by sitting in an over-conditioned environment. But, that will most likely cause you to have constant headaches and to feel fatigued even when you just had breakfast, or woke up. Fatigue and headaches usually become chronic for those who chose to sit under the air conditioner for a long time. Also, working or living in a constantly cooled-off room will make you experience constant mucous membrane irritation, along with breathing difficulties. This can be deadly for those with lung problems, but it also affects those who are perfectly healthy by making them more vulnerable to flues, contracting colds and other diseases.

Dry air

Another major issue associated with the air conditioning is the dry air. Those who spend hours and hours in the air conditioned environment will feel the effects on their skin and eyes. Speaking about the eyes, everyone should know that one can easily experience dry eyes syndrome by staying in an air-conditioned area. Also, one`s skin loses its moisture level, and starts breaking down. To prevent this, people started using different types of moisturizers to enhance and protect their skin from becoming dry. Using moisturizers too much can cause skin to become product-dependent and to lose its natural ability of self-moisturizing. Keep this in mind the next time you chose to spend the entire day under your air conditioner.

Chronic disease enhancer

If you already have a chronic disease of any kind (especially respiratory system), you should be advised to stay away from the air-conditioned areas for one main reason: they will enhance the effects of your illness. Air conditioners are known to increase the symptoms of low blood pressure, arthritis and neuritis. To prevent this from happening, it is highly recommended to stay away from air-conditioned areas, and to limit the usage of the air conditioner.


Spending a lot of time in the air-conditioned are can reduce the body’s tolerance to heat, which will make a person dependent on the air conditioning system, which will then make the person suffer from all the issued previously mentioned. Moving from a hot area inside into a cool environment causes one`s body to suffer from stress. This intolerance created causes many deaths each year, and people are unaware of it. We are talking about the heat wave strokes, happening all over the world, currently at the increasing rate of 400 people per summer.

Problems with breathing

Germs and many other micro-organisms that cause breathing problems use the air to travel. Air conditioner is making their journey easier, and is helping them spread out. Also, having the windows shut and the air conditioner on causes these disease-carriers to circulate around you all the time and traps them. The worst disease that is air-borne is Legionairre’s Disease, known to be fatal by causing pneumonia and fever. The only solution to this problem is to create a constant flow of fresh air and to refresh your air conditioned environment every 15 to 20 minutes.

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