4 Safety Tips for Using Electronic Dog Collars

Updated on May 26, 2021

Electronic shock collars for dogs are designed to give your dog a gentle shock to distract him from an unsavory behavior such as barking or jumping on visitors. The device is for use as a correctional or a training delivery system. You need to train yourself well on the use of the device to avoid misuse that can cause irreversible damage to your dog. Misuse of the collars will cause your dog a lot of pain. It may also result in unintended behavioral problems.

The following are some of the vital tips you can use to get the best results when you are training your dog using electronic shock collars:

Buy a tried and tested shock collar from a reputable company

The market is awash with different brands of shock collars for dogs. Some of these brands, however, are of poor quality. Buying a device with compromised quality will present a potential risk to your canine. Before you buy one, you need to carry out extensive research. Get an expert’s opinion on the best brands that will deliver to your expectations. Such a device should have been in the market for a while and thus has been tried and tested.

Besides, a suitable training collar should come with a range of useful design features and functionalities to guarantee the safety of your pet. Choose a collar with the most settings. A top-notch training collar comes with settings of up to 100. On the other hand, low-end products can come with as little as five settings. Increasing the setting in low-end devices can give you a dangerous voltage level, which is usually 20 times more than necessary.

Alternatively, you can ask for recommendations from other dog owners as to the best collar to buy. Avoid inferior quality shock collars as they tend to malfunction and harm your dog’s physical and mental health which could be detrimental to the health and well being of your pet.

Evaluate the response from your dog

Once you start using the collar, pay close attention to the way your dog responds to the training tool. Your dog will react to the device depending on many factors, such as his genetics, breed, temperament, and prior experience.

Therefore, you need to make keen observations on your dog’s behavior when you train him by using the collar and when you train him without one. Take note of the changes that come with using an e-collar. Observe body language and your dog’s progress. It is easy to determine whether your dog is comfortable with the shock collar or not. Some dogs are more sensitive than others. You may even wonder can you give dogs tylenol if they experience pain. If you notice any discomfort or stress exhibited by your pet, it is wise to stop using the collar. Seek an expert’s opinion on the way forward.

Don’t use the dog shock collar as punishment.

Although a typical e-collar device will deliver a mild level of shock on your dog, others can provide a more painful jolt. You should avoid increasing the voltage as a way of punishing your pet for their undesirable behavior.

Doing so will not only be counterproductive to the training objectives but also increase the risk of harming your pet. You need to have in-depth knowledge of how to use this device before you try it out on your dog. Too much voltage is painful and could come with a lot of detrimental consequences.

Use waterproof training collars in wet conditions

Not all shock collars for dogs in the market are waterproof. Before you put the device on your damp dog, make sure the collar is waterproof. If you are also planning on taking your dog for a walk during wet conditions, ensure the shock collar is waterproof. The same case applies if you are walking your dog near water bodies.

Use a dog training collar that can be submerged in water if you need to take a swim with your dog. When you go shopping for an ideal shock collar, such key features should inform your purchase. Choose a shock collar from respected manufacturers who go to great lengths to ensure your device meets high safety standards.

Finally, if you are considering getting a shock collar to train your pet, or you are using one already, consider all the tips we have provided above. A good electronic collar will always deliver the best results. Whether you want to train your dog to rid him of his persistent barking behavior or you want him to sit in the yard, a suitable training collar will do the job.

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