Why Seniors May Wish To Consider CBD For Their Pets

Updated on March 26, 2023

While many have heard about the benefits of CBD, perhaps fewer are familiar with how it may benefit pets. In the same way that CBD can help people, it can help their pets. As an anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety agent, anti-nauseant,​ ​sleep​ aid, and more,​ ​pet CBD​ may be the solution to your pets’ health problems.

Is CBD Approved By Veterinarians?

While some veterinarians may continue to have reservations about the use of CBD in pets, the American Veterinary Medical Association​ ​endorses its use​, stating that the evident benefits of CBD oil​ for pets far outweigh any possible risks.

The AVMA also favors legislation that would legalize cannabis at the federal level. This, of course, would include CBD – perhaps the most widely studied and highly regarded cannabinoid.

What Exactly Is CBD, And How Does It

Interact With The Body?

CBD, the abbreviation for cannabidiol, is a natural compound found in the hemp plant. It differs from THC, the substance in cannabis that causes intoxication. CBD will not cause your pet to feel high.

Although hemp and marijuana plants are closely related and belong to the same species, Cannabis sativa, hemp plants contain only trace amounts of THC. Most CBD is sourced from these non-psychoactive hemp plants.

CBD Works With The ECS (Endocannabinoid) System

Humans, dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and just about all other animals have what is called an endocannabinoid system, abbreviated ECS. Even some plants have an ECS. The ECS is a network of special cell receptors located throughout the nervous system. It modulates such functions as immune response, appetite, communication between cells and metabolism.

CBD is most commonly delivered to the ECS through vaping, eating, or topical application. In the case of pets however, vaping is not used. This leaves edibles including tinctures, and in some cases, topicals.

Although CBD cannot get into the bloodstream through the skin, CBD is still able to penetrate the skin’s layers enough to activate ECS receptors located there. That’s why many CBD preparations are topical. Though in the case of pets, most CBD is given in the form of tinctures or concentrates, mixed into food.

How can CBD benefit my pets?

CBD and CBD oil for pets may provide benefit and relief from a variety of conditions:

  • ·​  ​CBD for your pet’s pain

  • ·​  ​CBD for inflammation

  • ·​  ​Relief of anxiety

  • ·​  ​Relief of nausea and vomiting

  • ·​  ​May help pets with cancer

  • ·​  ​May help to improve epilepsy and tremors

  • ·​  ​Promotes general well-being

    CBD For Pet Arthritis

    If your pet is plagued by arthritis, CBD may help​ ​improve their mobility​.​ ​CBD for arthritis in pets works by addressing pain and inflammation. As the effects of both diminish, it bodes well for increased movement and function. With CBD, your pet can overcome the symptoms of arthritis and, in turn, improve the quality of their life.

    Many pets have pain from arthritis, especially in certain species and breeds as they get older. CBD for pets benefits includes the fact that it is a powerful anti-inflammatory substance. As pets age, the joint tissue becomes weaker and may become inflamed. This causes pain and stiffness. Through its action on the ECS, and possibly other mechanisms not yet fully understood, CBD oil for pets can relieve this pain to keep the animal much more comfortable.

    CBD For Pet’s Pain

CBD for your pet’s pain is another reason to consider CBD oil or tincture. CBD is often highly effective for not only discomfort from arthritis but all kinds of pain. For pets with damaged nerves and injuries, CBD can alleviate the soreness and tenderness associated with these physical ailments.

CBD As An Anti-Inflammatory for Pets

CBD has proven highly effective in​ ​reducing inflammation​, making it a powerful treatment for aches and pains. CBD for inflammation-related pain in pets is equally potent, with the endocannabinoid receptors working together to target problem areas and body discomfort.

CBD For Pet Anxiety

Much like humans, pets deal with situational and behavioral anxiety. Many pets have behavioral problems due to separation or noise anxiety. CBD can help to calm nervous pets and is one of the most important CBD for pets benefits.

As CBD triggers the endocannabinoid system, it helps regulate emotions. In essence,​ ​CBD helps receptors​ communicate with one another, allowing the mind and body to remain balanced and healthy.

CBD For Pet Nausea & Appetite

CBD for pets may alleviate nausea and other digestive issues. It’s not uncommon for pets to lose their appetite as they grow older. In most cases, nausea is the culprit. Using CBD for nausea in pets has been a godsend for pet owners.

Simply put, CBD stimulates their appetite, making it easier and more enjoyable for pets to consume food without feeling or getting sick. As a result, they receive the nutrients they need to fight illnesses and remain strong.

CBD For Pets’ Cancer

There’s promising news regarding CBD for cancer in pets. More specifically, CBD is thought to kill cancer cells and help manage the pain that comes with cancer.

Research indicates that CBD may be able to help the pet’s body kill cancer cells by boosting immune function. It may also directly attack cancer cells by disrupting cell processes necessary for survival. CBD also has a protective effect on brain cells. It may help pets with various nervous system disorders. CBD may stimulate appetite in pets with cancer and other wasting syndromes.

CBD is a vasodilator. This means it helps blood vessels to expand, allowing blood to flow freely. This reduces blood pressure and may have a protective effect on the heart.

The Most Popular Form Of CBD For Pets

Is CBD Tincture

Also called full-spectrum, broad-spectrum CBD tincture for pets means that the product contains all of the natural compounds found in the hemp plant. This is important because these compounds were intended to work together for the best possible therapeutic benefit.

CBD for pets tincture varies from CBD oil for pets only in form. A tincture is a preparation in which active ingredients have been dissolved into a liquid, usually ethanol alcohol.

Broad-spectrum CBD tincture for pets is typically supplied in a bottle with a dropper. This makes it simple to measure and administer a precise dose.

Where to Buy CBD For Pets

The best source of CBD oil for pets is online, although a dispensary near you may carry quality CBD oil for pets, too. Look for organic, cold-pressed CBD oil and broad-spectrum CBD tincture for pets.

Consult with your veterinarian for the correct dosage for your pet. 


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